Your DNA is Energy Activated

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We’ve all heard of DNA activation, and before 2012 there was a lot of talk about it and what it meant for us. Post 2012 of course a lot of people turned their heads away from the idea, what with a lack of any large transformation of a humongous scale, it seemed to many to simply have been a pipe dream, and we went on with our lives.

dnaAnd yet Science still moves forward every day, and the discoveries we are making are starting to demonstrate what DNA Activation really means, and how we can use that awareness and create with it! The Human DNA Code is like a biological internet, and even though it is an internal system – we are now seeing that it may in fact also have connections to each other, and therefore be an external system as well.

Russian Scientific Research directly explains many phenomenon such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, auras around people, and even human influence on weather patterns. In addition to this, and perhaps the most exciting, there is some breakthrough techniques and medicine in which DNA can be reprogrammed and changed by words and frequencies without cutting and replacing individual genes.

That is HUGE! We have never been able to do that before, ever!

You might know a bit about Junk DNA right? About 10% of our DNA is used for building proteins, and the other 90% is often known simply as “Junk”, as in, for a long time we didn’t have a use for it. Today, modern western scientists have called this junk DNA Non-Coding DNA. Essentially what it means is  ”DNA that does not create Proteins”, haha!

It’s because of that reason that the western researchers are primarily interested in that 10% of protein-building DNA.

The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA.” Their results, findings and conclusions are simply incredible! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication.

dnablastThe Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

I actually found a video that is totally related to this recently – which you can watch here. 

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA.

 “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier)are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

To put that into even simpler terms, they changed the structure of DNA with Information encoded into Light. 

In addition to this, Garjajev also did a number of experiments which showed that the same DNA could be changed and influenced by words, feelings, and thoughts alone, especially between people. It is scientific proof that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions sculpt who we are, and the way we react to our feelings also dictate how our DNA functions as a whole.

I think the best way to summarize this is simply with the phrase…

As Above,
So Below

The below article is taken from Waking Times, which discusses our bodies being a projection of our unconsciousness.  I agree with most everything here with one caveat:  We must not be tempted by Solipsism or the belief that good and evil via mind are actually reality.  Evil exists in the natural universe via natural laws, it’s not a manifestation of our negative thoughts or an illusion.  This belief is of the worst pernicious nonsense expressed by some mainstream new agers.

These forces exist in the natural universe which is expressed by the universal mind.  While we can control many aspects of our bodies and beliefs, let’s never forget that these forces are subjective as we live in a phenomenal objective universe.  Only in the objective state of perfect mind can we find the pure forms of all of reality, in their noumenal state between infinity and zero, a place where materialists fear to tread and a place where Abrahamists ignore.

–Citizen Pariah


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Brandon West
Waking Times

In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence so let your rational mind be at ease. But first … how is this even possible?

Human Thought Determines Reality

One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality. Early in the 1900′s they proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt with an experiment called the double slit experiment. They found that the determining factor of the behavior of energy (‘particles’) at the quantum level is the awareness of the observer.

For example: electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and then at other times they would switch to acting like waves (formless energy), because it was completely dependent on what the observer expected was going to happen. Whatever the observed believed would occur is what the quantum field did.

The quantum world is waiting for us to make a decision so that it knows how to behave. That is why quantum physicists have such difficulties in dealing with, explaining, and defining the quantum world. We are truly, in every sense of the word, masters of creation because we decide what manifests out of the field of all-possibility and into form.

The thing is, the quantum level of reality isn’t a local and insignificant aspect of creation. It is all around us, and it is the most fundamental level of creation aside from the unified field itself. The human energy field is interacting and influencing the quantum field all around us at all times and the energy of our beliefs and intentions are infused into our energy field because they are defined by the energy of our thoughts and emotions.

Thus the fusion of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, which I will call the human energy field for simplicity’s sake, is perpetually informing the quantum reality within us and around us at each moment of our existence.

And because reality is flashing in and out of existence (hypothetically at Planck time – 1044 times per second – as explained by The Resonance Project biophysicist William Brown), every time our reality oscillates between form, and the pure energy state of the field, our awareness which is constant and doesn’t flash in and out of existence informs the field what to reappear as when it makes its transition back to form at the quantum level.

Therefore each time we oscillate into formlessness, we have complete and total control and responsibility over what we choose with our attention to manifest out of the field in the next moment, and our power and ability to do so relies entirely what we believe, and on how we are feeling.

A dramatic example of this is the case of Vittorio Michelli. In 1962 he was admitted to the Military Hospital of Verona, Italy with a large tumor on his left hip. The doctors knew that they could not help him, so his case was deemed hopeless and he was sent home without treatment, and after about 10 months his left hip bone had completely disintegrated. As a last resort, he traveled to Lourdes, France and bathed himself in the spring there (which is a Christian holy site famous for producing miracles).

Immediately he started feeling better, he regained his appetite, and bathed himself in the spring a few more times before he left. After a few months of being home he felt such a powerful sense of well-being that he urged the doctors to x-ray him again, and they were astonished to find that his tumor had shrunk. Over the next several months they kept a close watch on him, and his X-rays showed that his tumor kept on shrinking, until it was gone. And once his tumor disappeared, his hipbone started regenerating.

After two months he was walking again, and several years later his hip bone had completely regenerated. The Vatican’s Medical Commission, in their official report said:

“A remarkable reconstruction of the iliac bone and cavity has taken place. The X-rays made in 1964, 1965, 1968, and 1969 confirm categorically and without doubt that an unforeseen and even overwhelming bone reconstruction has taken place of a type unknown in the annals of world medicine.” (The Holographic Universe, p.107)

Ordinarily this would be deemed miraculous, and indeed it truly is. But I find this miraculous in the sense of the true power of human intention and belief that it displays. Moreover, this is powerful evidence that suggests that there is an energetic structure which our ‘material bodies’ align with, because that is one of the only logical explanations for how Vittorio Michelli’s hip bone knew exactly which shape to grow back into unless there was some sort of energetic blueprint which was instructing its growth, which as the Vatican’s Medical Commission clearly stated, was “unknown in the annals of world medicine.”

In medicine, maybe this was unknown, but the same cannot be said for physics. At the atomic level atoms bond with one another to form molecules which have specific geometric structures as if there is an energetic blueprint which they are adhering to which dictates the shapes they maintain together.

If our bodies are a projection of consciousness, then our consciousness would create an energetic blueprint which our atoms and molecules align with to create our bodies. There is highly suggestive evidence of the existence of this energetic blueprint (or human energy field) in the new research on DNA which proves that it transmits, receives, and thus reads energy directly from the field.

Michelli’s case is a perfect example of our human ability to re-organize that vacuum structure with our energy and intentions, and thus manifest what we desire directly out of the field for truly miraculous results. The fact that he started to feel better and started to believe that he was healed is, I suggest, the key to his healing.

Some may want to stick with the belief that God healed this man, and I would agree to you. But you and I would probably disagree on the nature of this God. For I contend that you are god, as are we all, because the force we call God is the energy and infinite consciousness behind creation, and thus when we tap into ourselves as pure consciousness, i.e. without thought through meditation, then we open ourselves to the infinitude of our own awareness because we inseparably are that infinite creative consciousness. We are it and it is us.

And when we open up to that energy, we allow ourselves to be flooded with a “powerful sense of well-being” and knowing which has astounding power to create reality, and directly affects our biology.

The Body as a Projection of Consciousness

I want you to really internalize the understanding that reality is flashing in and out of form. This is absolutely crucial in understanding our ability to heal, because if half of the time we are formless, then (1) Who are we really, because obviously our bodies and the material world is illusory to a degree; and (2) What is the blueprint which is guiding the rearrangement of our bodies each time we quite literally re-materialize?

The answer to both questions would be consciousness. Our bodies are a holographic projection of our consciousness, and they are the sum total of our beliefs about ourselves. If we can change our beliefs about ourselves, and thus if we can change the energy that defines our human energy field, then we can change the energetic blueprint which our body aligns with as it re-materializes back into form 1044 times per second.

(The exact structure and dynamics of our consciousness which make us both a fractal and holographic expression of this infinite God-consciousness can be found in Nassim Haramein’s Holofractographic Universe theory, and in his work Crossing the Event Horizon.)

Deepak Chopra told a story that illustrates this perfectly in his book, How to Know God. A friend of his injured his foot while working out in a gym because he was unaccustomed to using one of the machines and strained it. The pain in his foot increased over the next few days, and he found it increasingly difficult to walk, so upon “medical examination it was found that he had a common ailment known as planar fasciitis, in which the connecting tissue between the heel and the front of the foot had been stretched or torn.” (How to Know God, p.221)

His friend decided not to have surgery and instead to tough it out, but in time he found it so painful and difficult to walk that he sought out a Chinese Healer in desperation. This Chinese man was ordinary by appearance, and gave “no evidence of being mystical or spiritual, or in any way gifted in healing.” The injured friend of Deepak Chopra continues:

“After gently feeling my foot, he stood up and made a few signs in the air behind my spine. He never actually touched me, and when I asked what he was doing, he simply said he was turning some switches in my energy field. He did this for a minute or so and then asked me to stand up. I did, and there was no sensation of pain, not the slightest. You have to remember that I had limped in, barely able to walk.”

He continues:

“In complete amazement I asked him what he had done. He told me that the body was an image projected by the mind, and in a state of health the mind keeps this image intact and balanced. However, injury and pain can cause us to withdraw our attention from the affected spot. In that case, the body image starts to deteriorate; its energy patterns become impaired, unhealthy. So the healer restores the correct pattern – this is done instantly, on the spot – after which the patient’s own mind takes responsibility for maintaining it that way.” (How to Know God, p.222)

This story has fascinated and inspired me ever since I heard it. As we have seen, reality is flashing in and out of existence innumerable times every second, oscillating between form and formlessness, and quantum physics knows that our thoughts and beliefs influence the quantum reality which is the source of the material world. Therefore it is only natural to assume an energetic and formless source for all of creation, including our physicality.

I think it is absolutely clear that we must start to consider ourselves as more than a physical body. In truth it is much more coherent to think of ourselves as a luminous energy field organizing ourselves in a body, or as pure consciousness manifesting and temporarily experiencing this level of reality through our bodies. New evidence is clearly illustrating that our mind is non-local and is independent of the brain, which means it doesn’t need the brain, or the body for that matter, to exist.[1]

We are so much more than we think we are, and infinitely more than we have been lead to believe. The next step that we have to take, moreover, the next step in our human evolution now involves us learning how to use and hone this power we have to influence reality and literally manifest anything we want directly out of the field, from a new hip, to perhaps better eyesight, or a fit and healthy body, all the way to a new life.

But how is this done?

Healing Your Field, Healing Your Body

To heal, all that we need to do is purify our energy so that the energetic projection of our body is unobstructed. Then our atoms and molecules can align perfectly to this structure because there is no energetic interference to disrupt the image of our body as projected by our consciousness.

We do this by getting in the gap between our thoughts, where our beliefs no longer affect our reality, for, when we are not thinking, we are also free of beliefs and expectations. And by doing this we are aligning ourselves with universal principles, and matching our energy with the energies coming directly from the field of all-possibility – those high frequency energies of love, kindness, inspiration, passion, joy, and so on.

The first step is to consider the possibility that we are not only energy, but that there is infinite energy all around us which we can consciously tap into to promote healing in our body and mind, to become a more happy, healthy, vibrant and creative being. As soon as you start to connect to the infinite energy of creationand your own true nature as formless energy, then you start to become aware of these energies in your body which returns the projection of your body to its natural state.

The projection of your body can only be disrupted by a disturbance in your energy field – your consciousness- caused by unbalanced thoughts and emotions, and limiting beliefs. Our luminous energy field is naturally vibrant, and our energy naturally flows unhindered as a powerful stream of consciousness, but the lower levels of consciousness, which we have been conditioned to live in as part of our social indoctrination, disrupt this flow which if left unhindered would express its perfection everywhere.

Another key concept to understand is that your body is always regenerating. In a talk of Deepak Chopra’sthat I listened to, he pointed out that atoms do not age. They do not die, and the same atoms that existed at the big bang around 14 billion years ago exist to this day, some of which are even within you.

Every year 98% of the atoms in your body are exchanged for ‘new’ atoms. You are constantly dying, and being reborn, and literally transforming at the atomic and molecular levels. Every three days you have a new stomach lining, every month you have new skin, every three months you have a new skeleton. And every year you have almost an entirely new body (Deepak Chopra from Living Beyond Miracles with Wayne Dyer).

Deepak Chopra described it beautifully by saying that our atoms “are like migrating birds”. They are not permanent, they are completely independent, and are drifting through space and time and merely being organized into structures such as our bodies by none other than our energy field which organizes them as amagnetic field organizes metal filings, only slightly more complex.

What more proof do we need in order to start looking at our bodies differently, and in general looking at the mechanism of health itself in a new light?

None of the raw materials that form your physical body age, moreover, they are constantly changing. Therefore I ask this of you. Is it really you that is changing? And what is the force that organizes these atoms and molecules back where they are supposed to be, and makes sure that they perfectly and harmoniously continue to do their jobs even while your cells and atoms are migrating by the billions?

Your body is not the real you. Your body is merely a projection of what you believe yourself to be. If you could discover that you are pure consciousness, and that who you really are is an infinite creative awareness that is manifesting reality and co-creating reality with other aspects of yourself (because every being is an expression of the infinite universal consciousness we have labelled as God), then you can start to take complete control over your body, your health, and your life.

Chronic pain, disease, illness, or the old injuries that you have in your body are not actually in your body, they are in your mind. More specifically, they are a function of your perception. Your atoms are always changing, and your molecules are too, but as new atoms come and as new molecules are formed, and as you flash in and out of existence, your energetic field is telling them where to go, what to do, and how to align with one another.

Therefore, you are holding disease, illness, pain, and injuries within your consciousness, and thus, they are imprinted in your energetic field, and only then do they proceed to manifest in your physiology.

If this is the case, then not only is our health completely under our willful control, but the rate at which we age may even be under our control as well. Now I am not suggesting that we can be immortal, because we already are as infinite beings of consciousness. What I am suggesting is that in a time long forgotten, and in the near future, human beings have had and will realize again the ability to live from this field, and live consciously from their nature as luminous beings of pure energy.

At that time human beings will realize that the body is a manifestation of our highest self, and we can not only consciously manifest anything in life, but anything in our bodies as well. And one day we will reach a point where we can continually regenerate our bodies at will because we live from the field of infinite energy, and thus our bodies simply operate at a higher frequency so that we can live in them until our work is completed and we choose to move on.

Fantastic? Yes. But these changes are noticeable within the human body and mind even after a little bit of practice and training, so decide to feel and experience it for yourself, and learn how to meditate. This is what evidence is clearly suggesting and my own experience also indicates to be true. The only hindrance to tapping into this nature of the universe is your own conscious awareness, your level of attention, and your beliefs.

Our ability to heal is directly related to our level of attention and our level of belief. For example we can heal ourselves of any affliction, illness, disease, or injury that is possible so long as we have absolute certainty, a knowing, that we will be healed. This is directly achieved by accessing the most fundamental level of reality through deep meditation.

This is because at the fundamental level of reality, anything is possible, and the restructuring of reality is dictated entirely by our beliefs and expectations. We are pure energy, and there is infinite potential in that energy. It is entirely up to us what we choose to manifest out of the field in our lives and in our bodies.

You have no limitations, and nothing is impossible. It is only your beliefs which dictate what you can and cannot do.

“Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” - St. Augustine

This is a vital issue to continue research on. We must overcome the stigma and ridicule of actually performing investigate scientific research on these skulls. I understand the dollar costs as any thinking person should and it’s sad how they have to explain that these funds won’t go to them. Corporate spends billions on their own studies and conclusions which are subject to questionable if any peer review, yet here is essentially proof of non-homo sapiens living in the past.

The implications of remodeling history, genetics and anthropology are manifold and exciting.  At the same time we must remain cautious as quoted in the below, we don’t want this to  become an easily dismissed or discredited attempt at finding the truth.  That’s all we need to honestly do, seek the truth. –Citizen Pariah



Paracas is located in the Pisco Province in the Inca Region on the Southern coast of Peru. Home of the ground breaking discovery in 1928 by Julio Tello of a massive graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with elongated skulls, now known as the famous Paracas Skulls.

They are approximately 3000 years old, and initial DNA analysis of them has revealed that they may not have come from humans, but from a completely new species, according to Paracas Museum assistant director, researcher and author Brien Foerster. Here is the apparent quote from the geneticist who did the testing

“Whatever the sample labeled 3A has came from – it had mtDNA with mutations unknown in any human, primate or animal known so far. The data are very sketchy though and a LOT of sequencing still needs to be done to recover the complete mtDNA sequence. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample 3A indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans. I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree. The question is if they were so different, they could not interbreed with humans. Breeding within their small population. they may have degenerated due to inbreeding. That would explain buried children – they were either low or not viable” (Source)(Source)

It’s always been thought that the skulls were a result of cranial deformation, where the head is bound or flattened to achieve the shape. Many authors state that the time period to perform this shaping was approximately 6 months to 3 years, but the practice is no longer performed, which makes it hard to really know.  According to Forester:

From the doctors that I have spoken to, they have said that you can alter the shape of the skull but you cannot increase the size of the skull. The skull is genetically predetermined to have a certain volume.” (Source)(Source)

What he is saying is that you can change the shape of the skull, but not the actual volume of it, the shape, but not the size. This is why these skulls are such a mystery, because of their cranial volume, which in some cases is 2.5 times larger than a conventional human skull. Again, it’s well known that cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it’s been done by ancient cultures before by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth, but this does not change the volume and cause elongation like we see with the Paracas skulls.

“As I have said, deformation can alter shape, but not the volume of bone material, and certainly not twice as much. We are dealing with 2 different phenomena: elongation through binding, and elongation via genetics. The Paracas skulls are the largest found in the world, but from what root race stock would they have originated? To suggest that natural elongation was the result of hydrocephaly or some other clinical condition is ridiculous, when one takes into account that at least 90 of them were found in 1928.” (Source)

I would also like to quote author and historian Graham Hancock.

“I have grave doubts about stories presently doing the rounds on the internet, and apparently bought hook, line and sinker by many, making extravagant and premature claims about the implications of DNA testing on certain elongated skulls from Paracas in Peru. We have no details of the lab that’s done the testing, and even in the sensationalist reports that have been attracting so much attention it is emphasised that the findings are preliminary. Let’s wait until we see the findings themselves, rather than someone referring to them, and let’s get more detailed results, before we get in the least bit excited. That being said, previously unknown species of human have been coming out of the woodwork recently (Denisovans, Homo Floresiensis) so who knows? It’s always good to keep an open mind but right now I fear this whole thing with the Paracas skulls is going to blow up into a great discredit to alternative history. I do hope I am proved wrong.” (Source)

Foerster has raised thousands of dollars so far for the initial DNA testing, but a full genome study to completely verify the theory would cost at least one hundred thousand dollars.

Juan Navarro, the owner and director of the Paracas History Museum allowed the taking of samples from 5 skulls. The samples collected consisted of hair, tooth, skull and bone skin. Apparently, the process was documented via photos and video. The samples were given to the geneticist, who was not given any information about where they came from.

The implications of this are huge, regardless of what the final findings will be! We’ll try and keep you updated. Here is a full interview with Brien Foerster, and you can check out the sources for more information. Hopefully more proof surfaces within the next few days, interesting story to say the least. I am very open to the possibility of the discovery of a new species, possibly extraterrestrial in origin, but there is still lots of work to be done. I am also open to the possibility that they are human.

Sourced from:



” As rational beings become more and more expressive of reason, they finally attain gnosis (enlightenment) and become Gods. The negentropy of the community of Gods defeats the entropy of the material world and stops and reverses it, bringing everything back to the start (Singularity). The Gods – us (!) – are what cause the entropic strange loop.

We are destined to become Gods because it’s part of the fundamental processes of nature itself. It’s unavoidable, inescapable, inevitable, dialectically certain. There are already Gods in the universe (those souls that have attained gnosis), and they are helping the most enlightened of us to join them.

Together, we are the saviours of the universe and of all the unenlightened . It’s our rational and cosmic duty to defeat stupidity, ignorance, greed, selfish, anarchy, libertarianism, free-market capitalism, privilege, cronyism, inheritance, nepotism, and negative liberty: everything that encourages high entropy self-interested behaviour.

Positive liberty – a low entropy force – is literally how we combat the heat death of the universe. It’s how we marshal humanity into an entity that can collectively attain divinity. We, the enlightened ones (the Illuminati!), are dialectically opposed by the forces of endarkenment – by the masses of stupid and selfish people.

It’s our solemn duty – our sacred cause – to defeat them, and if they resist and obstruct rational progress and evolution then we have no option but to show them no mercy.

They can and will be defeated. They will either see the light and join us, or we shall crush every last one of them. Such is the nature of the dialectic, red in tooth and claw. They themselves have tried often enough to exterminate us. We are the agents of cosmic forces. The universe itself demands that the Coming Race destroys, one way or another, the old savage, primitive, bestial races.


Be on the side of the inevitable victors . Anyone who stands in the way of reason will in due course be destroyed by reason. “

Mike Hockney “The Mathmos”

In Codex I (c) the Architect’s Work, we turn to several traditional Gnostic literary themes. In the two previous sections, Codex I (a) and (b), we were in the realm of pure spirit and mind, we were beyond anything that is manifest in the physical. The ancient swamp, the paternal gods, the lonely desert and Ancient of Days, these are all within a singularity of pure dimensionless and timeless light, or as pure light in extension to borrow a line from the golden Dawn. But now the Architect has been allowed to past into another matrix, he is in the “in between” or middle realm. It is a realm that is often referred to in esoteric traditions as “the Ninth” or “the realm beyond the Ninth Gate.” Where is the Architect? He is in his own living hell, and his vision of hell will soon extend into the lower physical realm. He is beneath the highest gods, and yet unable to directly interact with the lower gods or their physical creations. The Architect’s sorrow is overpowering for he has lost his only companion, the one that was his unconditionally, Sophia.

In Greek, the word Sophia means wisdom, and the classical Gnostics used the term to mean pure reason and intuitive wisdom, woven into one clear or enlightened state of mind. In the desert of the real, the builder has lost this wisdom, this clarity of vision. She has become trapped on the other side of the veil of ignorance. My friends, please do not fall into the trap of taking Gnostic symbolism too literally. The personification of wisdom, as a goddess named Sophie, and enlightenment as a god called Christ has confuse countless generations. The confusion is partially intentional. We do not want it to be too easy for our methods to be gleaned by the uninitiated. We are not teaching for the masses, but for those who are already touched by grace. Remember that we are looking at the allegorical fall of wisdom, of mind, of clarity of thought and cognition, into the physical universe. Without mind, the physical universe could not function. Without mind, nothing exists. Mind is the missing element of physics that eludes traditional science, but is evident to the enlightened ones. Sophia is the element of mind functioning on the sub-atomic level in our universe. She is why the four forces act in the way that they do. She is nature and nature’s laws. Sophia envelops everything on the physical level; everything functions according to mental processes. This is the why life is possible. Without mind, without Sophia, our universe would be one of the countless possible universes within the meta-verse that are lifeless. But this is the universe in which Sophia dwells. She is our Queen of Heaven. She is the mother of physical life, the awareness of time, of consciousness, and every emotion that these gifts bring. Remember boys and girls, this is still metaphoric language, Sophia isn’t some chick in the sky. She is why you are able to think and to read this in the first place.

The Architect is as real as Sophia, and just as metaphorical. The Leontocephaline is the creative mind that looms just beyond the veil of the “Big Bang.” He looms just beyond the event horizon of a black hole. Surely you recognized this creation scene. The scene where the builder cries a transparent pool of tears that reflects a perfectly blue sky above the desert that is filled with stars. This place is the realm of Plato’s perfect forms. And the perfect blue sky, and the stars which fill a celestial space above space, this is no other realm than the realm of forms, the Platonic perfection hidden in plan view, beyond the range of our limited senses. (Well damn, now it’s starting to make some sense, please go on.) The Architect is as close to God as we can ever imagine, and yet, he too is limited. The Neo-Platonists and the Gnostics called him the demiurge, the craftsman, the cunning artificer. And here we get into a real sticky philosophical storm. Many… no, most Gnostics consider the Architect to be flawed, wicked, even evil. In some Gnostic scriptures, the Architect is called Ialdabaoth, effectively meaning the aborted child of Sophia. They portrayed him as the devil or equated him with the god Yahweh. But the followers of Plato believed otherwise. They believed that the builder had crafted a pretty fine piece of work; after all, can anyone do better? And yet the work was, after all is said and done, a copy. That is exactly what the Corpus tells us is happening, the builder is fashioning a nearly perfect copy of the higher universe that he inhabits. But his copy is imperfect. Now just how hard of a critic do you wish to be? Every artist that copies from nature creates an imperfect copy. As you know, I’m a painter, and I’ve troubled you with having my odd paintings on my posts as well as my website. But we both know, that when I paint a woman or a flower, it is still really oil, pigment, and canvas. I have not really created a new woman or flower. And few have faulted my art on these grounds. So why do so many Gnostics fault the Architect? I personally think he did a pretty damn good job, building a universe out of pure emotional energy, pain and trauma, a quantum fluctuation in a zero-point field in non-space time. To do so, he must successfully manipulate the refined materials of another higher dimension. Many Gnostics demand that the builder’s realm be “perfect.” And since it does not suit their definition of perfection, they condemn the builder as a sadist.

I see things differently. Everyone is the product and the victim of their circumstances. The Architect is no different, except by degree. The builder is the trans-dimensional creative principle that brought our universe into physical manifestation. Perhaps the Architect originally intended to join wisdom, mind, his dearest Sophia within this realm? But that was impossible. For the builder to enter his own creation, would make the builder subject to the physical laws and forces that were necessarily set into motion for the physical plane to function. And immediately after the new realm was created, imperfection from the higher realm escaped into the lower realm. In the Corpus, ignorance invades the physical realm in the form of 72 Archons or super demons. These Archonic forces are certainly existential realities. They are the emotional remains, the clay pottery shards, the klippah or impure emanations expounded upon in Kabalah. They are ancient, the twisted perversions from the darkness looming in Ancient of Days’ mind. Everything that can exist… does exist in the mind of the ancient one. And when these perverse higher realm dreams become powerful enough, they become manifest as existential realities, exemplified evil. Once creation is contaminated by the Archons, the builder knows that he must remain separated from the creation.

But the mind of Sophia was lured into the creation; she became entranced by the perfection of the builder’s beautiful painting. And then the Architect found himself alone. And so he does what any self-respecting creator does. He created an image of himself, a doppelganger if you like, to go into his painting, into the copy of perfection that he created on the canvas of sand, with his paint of tears. His imperfect image was his son. The image of the Christ is almost overpowering. The revelation of the light that Paul attests to blurs ones self-image into a foggy haze. Your life is no longer your own. Your time is no longer your own. Everything becomes a service to others. The rest of your days are spent recapturing half forgotten images from that moment that was timeless. Unfortunately, this is pointless rambling to those who want to have a happy Jesus sitting with some wooly sheep and smiling children, telling the good folks that have come to listen, to respect each other’s boundaries. But we are not dealing with woolly sheep and smiling children, we are dealing with the real meaning of our tragically short lives. We are trying to understand why; “Our lives are fleeting dreams, grasped from filaments of burning stardust. A moment in time, filled with the desire for eternity.” Codex VI (c) Book of Job, page 132 Corpus Gnostica. Why that blind desire for eternity? Why can’t we have the innocence of animals, blind to their own mortality?

Codex I (c) was not a particularly easy chapter to write. I wanted to merge modern physics, the theory of the “Big Bang” and the likelihood of multiple dimensions and a meta-universe, with ancient Gnostic insights. Luckily, I also had access to the post-modern Illuminist teachings concerning the holographic nature of reality, more on that later. And luckily the Gnostics and the Platonic philosophers had already done much of the heavy lifting for me with the character of the Architect. I do not condemn the Architect for what he did, for what he has done for countless eternity. As I said in the Corpus, the Architect builds because it is in his nature to build. He has no choice in the matter. You and I have no choice either. Every night, when we go to sleep and dream… we build; we create a new reality. We do not choose to dream, we cannot turn the power of mind, of Sophia off, even in our sleep. And so the Architect dreams and builds as well. But a higher realm god’s dreams become our reality.

And when we die to the physical plane, and are released from our mortal bodies, we shall fly. We shall see our sadly still bodies below and we shall fly away, strait through the furnace of the sun, laughing, trying out our new silvery wings. Wings just like those of Christ and Sophia in the Corpus. And then we will grow bold, flying right past the seven planets, and towards the Ninth Gate, toward the veil from which none can pass. There we shall see the frightening face of the Lion-God. And then we will remember, “I’ve been here before, haven’t I father? And he will take you by the hand and ask you to sit with him for a while. And you will join him on the steps of his little white church in the sky, and reminisce about you time on Earth, and he will patiently listen. And when your story is finished, he will look into your eyes and ask a simple question, “Is there anything that you would have done differently?” And you will know the answer, and he will give you the chance to change the past, to go back, or to pass from his gate, from his desert of the real, into the realm of his parental gods. Hidden within is the answer to the riddle of the Architect and his strange relationship with his son. You should know by now, who was really fashioned from sand and tears in that higher realm desert. Who is it after all, that was really lowered by the great lion into the pool of tears, the realm of illusion? You already know the answer, but can you accept it. Can you accept the implications of this fact for your own salvation? No one else is going to save you from this realm. You cannot pass the father, the gatekeeper, the Architect until you truly accept this truth. Sooner or later we all know who is expected to wear Christ’s sandals. Our relationship with the builder is all-important. When we see the father again, waiting patiently for us at the Ninth Gate, will we be holding Sophia by the hand, will we be able to tell him joyfully that we have finally discovered and recovered holy wisdom? Or will we stand before him, still longing for the past and filled with sorrow? Please, do not make me spell it out any more clearly, and No… I’m still not talking about Jesus and his woolly lambs and smiling kids. Please!

The Secret of the Ankh is a pathway into the Mystery Systems. The Secret of the Ankh leads to the what is called called the God Particle or the Higgs Particle as told by the Ancient People of the Nile. The Secret of the Ankh also is in line with the Infinity Puzzle of Frank Close this  where infinity (Heh) and its opposite nothingness (hehet) and Nwn (Dark Radition) and its opposite Nwnt (anti-matter) or and the resultant matter is analyzed in creation . I believe that I have decoded the Symbol of the Ankh. My findings are that the Ankh can no longer be viewed as just meaning life, but the creation of Life itself. The Cosmological Origin was first discovered by myself and my friend Sekou Fortune. I later expanded the base findings into a Blog that can be shared and read.


This is only the first part of what I have discovered. Sometime this year 2012, I will begin to release the most important part of the Secret of the Ankh. Part II is Bigger than the “Secret”, Bigger than the Laws of Attraction. What is hidden is in plain site once you begin to understand Part I of the Secret of the Ankh. Part II will lead you on a straight path to Initiation because the Ankh means Life, but it also means Eternal Life.

Up until June of 2011, I have always considered the Ankh an Egyptian  or Kemetic Symbol and had decoded it using the cosmology of the Egyptians. However, Anna-Mari Pieterse from South Africa – who has read my work –  directed me to look at the work of Michael Tellinger. His discoveries in South Africa show that the mysteries in Kemet began deep in Africa.

Before I summarize, I want  to open up the air by reading to you probably the most important inscription on any wall in the World. Though Hidden and overlooked this inscription deals with the oneness of the Creator  and summarizes more than 5,000 years of Egyptian Cosmology – Hibis Temple – the center of the southern el-Khargeh Oasis Hymn to the Ba’s of Amun _t should be memorized.  Commissioned by Darius I after he sacked Kemet from the Nubians – he layed bare Egyptian Cosmology to spread to Asia.  The temple writing clearly shows that the Egyptians knew of one creator but acknowledge they had used several names and several stories but the one arose out of the primordial ocean. The Secret of the Ankh is in here.

You are Amun, you are Atum, you are Khepri, you are Re. Sole one who made himself into millions, Tatenen who came about in the beginning. You are the one who built his body with his own hands, in every form of his desire. You are the great winged-scarab within Nut, who protected A heaven and earth in their entirety, while rising from Nun within the primeval mound.

The Ogdoad rises [for him in] jubilation when he appears, they seeing by means of his [his first] manifestation as Horus-who-illumines, whose entire circuit is in the spit-fi re and [torch-fi re] of his eyes, having illumined the circuit of heaven with his great double-plumes.

My theory lives in here

To summarize the concept in Part I

(1)The Ogdoad Primordial Eight are the elements that created the Divine Creator according to the Egyptians. This is taken from one of the oldest cosmologies -of Hermopolis or Khmnu.

(2) Aspects of this story are used in the creation of Ptah, Ra, Amen, Aten in the other creations stories. These all deal with just the creation of the Creator not with what existed before creation.

(3) The symbol for the Ankh is the symbol with the Circle on top of the cross hairs – followed by the Mdu Ntr sounds of N and KH.

(4) From the breakthroughs of translations we know the symbol was pronounced NKH or ANKH. The A is disputed and may have been added for convenience of pronunciation. Even if the Ankh is a triliteral – at this point there is no definitive way to show how it was pronounced.

(5) If we return to the Ogdoad, the eight pairs are Amen Amenet, Nun, Nunuet, Kek, Kekhet, and Heh, Hehet. My theory is that the symbol took the names of the Ogdoad into consideration for its pronunciation. One must remember first that the Mdu Ntr is in fact the Sacred Words of the Ntrs or Deities. So there must be some root words are sounds that were used in the beginning and will continue to be used for words describing creation.

(6) The Ankh not only is a symbol of Life but the elements that create life. These elements are the Ogdoad and the Odgoad is essential for Life. The symbol Ankh is connected to the Ogdoad and I believe it gets its name from the Odoad. This is the secret of the Ankh.

Let us continue.

Wherever the Ankh is translated in Ancient Egypt Literature  it must be re-translated with the following insight:  The Ankh is the Life Code; The Egyptian’s so-called “Infinities or Chaos” Gods: Amen/Amenet, Nun/Nunet,Kuk,Kukhet, Heh/Hehet – the Ogdoad.; The Meaning of Life is no longer just a flat definition but a multi-dimensional definition of the scientific and possibly spiritual definition of how life was created itself.

First though it may appear my work is not about phonetics, not about linguistics but linguistics have some bearing. The Secret of the Ankh can be approached two ways that lead to the same result.

First I will look at the Ogdoad – the Primordial Eight and how these elements resolve themselves into Life.

Second, I will look the Mdu Ntru symbol for the sound N which is a Wave and the Mdu Ntr symbol for the sound KH which Gardiner says incorrectly is a placenta but probably matter – are key elements of the symbol ANKH or NKH – Wave plus Matter produces the elements of Life or the God Particle. This is essentially a well proven theory of Dr. Oyiboe, as part of his GAGUT -Grand Unifying Theorem. I will use Dr. Oyiboe’s expression but expand on it.

Part I

Before I begin talking about the Ogdoad, I want to discuss an important finding about the word ANKH to open up the doors. Mostly, we don’t look at sounds having any mathematical principles unless the definition says to look in that direction. For example – the word Code – has a definition of some puzzle. An Astute problem solver would look into the word code itself to see its origins, its use, etc.

The sound Ankh is a code. Let’s begin to see why.

I will do it with the sounds that make up the Ankh and later look at the symbols. First the sounds. Let’s look at the purmutations that make up the sounds ANKH.

A – A, An, Ak, Ah

N – N, Na, Nh, Nk

H – H, Ha, Heh, Hk, Hn

K – K, Ka, Kh, Kn, Km

Well Look at this – The sounds combinations make are the beginning to many important words in Ancient Khemet and even important words that all languages stand on.

From Kemet – I mean -  An, Annu,  N, Nu, Nun, , Kh, Kek, Ha, Heh, Heka including creating the words Amen, Nun, Keh, Heh and many more. The Diety Ptah – has said to be written in its earlier text Pet ta HeH.  From the Catholic Encylopedia we find that Ptah of Memphis (An) is the ruler of infinity (Heh) and the Lord of Eternity (Tet). Some of these patterns make up the formula we are discussing. Ankh or Nkh, Some of these words find themselves in the Cosmological space that I am discussing now.

For example – the word combinations  that make up the ANKH also make up the elements of the name of the City of Eight where the Ogdoad precided -Khmn.

In addition we have AN – The City of AN – Heliopolis where another creation story comes from.

We have elements of the soul Ka, Ah

Of course we have the powerful sound that discribes a wave or vibration – N

From the Ethiopian Book of Life by Sir. E. A. Wallis  Budge. Wallis Budge looks at the Greek Magical Papyri (Kenyon, Greek Papyri in the British Museum) There exist ABRACADABRA – Why is this word so magical.


The point is that Greeks, who derived their knowledge from the People of the Nile did have knowledge of palindrones and words form words.

I can go on but the Doors have been Opened

Part II

So lets look at the Ogdoad itself. First the Egyptians called them the Hehu.  They are represented by 4 pairs of primordial qualities, forces, or Deities.

A = Amen/Amenet

N = Nun/Nunet

K = Kek/Kehhet

H= Heh/Hehet


If these are primorial creators or important forces then their names would probably primoridal sounds. Said or chanted together would be a word sound. This word sound can now be described as the Ankh

the ankh

Before I continue, I do want to make note that in many Quantum Physics discussions, the God Particle or the Higgs Boson Particle is associated with a sound.

Where as Dr. Beatty has guided me that phonetically that I have a problem because of the difference of the pronouncement of A sound in Ankh and the I/A of Amen/Amenet. At any rate, I should be able to continue with my Thesis because  we have not heard the Ankh nor Amen/Imen pronounced in 1,000 years by an African native to the Mdu Ntr. It can very well be pronounced as NKH with the A silent. Additionally, the symbolic evidence is even more plausible.  Also we see in the ANKH that water/nile /wave glyph that gives the N sound is also part of Nun/Nunet and even part of Amen/Imn. In addition, I have not found yet a Glyph that represents the A sound in ANKH. I have always seen it having the Ankh symbol and with the N sound and the KH sound. So there is at this point no proof that the symbol is pronounced the way we pronounce it.

In addition, earlier I have shown that the root sounds of the Hehu/Ogdoad deities are used in other important Kemetic words as some root code.

This dilemma – is like one that Dr. James Conyers once told me about. Paraphrasing, We have seen four thousand years of the pictures of the upper and lower crown on the Nwsts head. We assume that we have found one – but there exist none in any museum.  Here we assume that the Ankh is pronounced with  a long A sound – when we know the people of the Kmt either made them silent or did not pronounce them at all. This is what we call Paradigm Blindness.

The Secret of the Ankh is a bold, fresh view to Egyptology and expands the field. The definition of the Ankh has not been challenged or expanded since its appearance in the Western World. The Ankh exist prior to creation, during creation, during life, during the time of transition, and in the afterlife. The failure to see the Ankh with this expanded definition is paradigm blindness.

Important also is that the religion, history, spirituality, philosophy stands on its Cosmology. The Ogdoad/Eight/Hehu/Infinities/Chaos Gods are in aspects of all of the Kemetic cosmologies. In the cosmological studies, the Ankh does not appear until after the creation begins and the success is the life of the Creation God as Ptah, or as Amen. When the creator deity is born in Nun or the combination of the Ogdoad in Nun then the symbol appears. The symbol of the Ankh is the Egyptian representation of the “God Particle” or the “Higgs Particle”.

I have a short post on cosmologies, plead read. Over the years, I have talked to many Kemetic Scholars, Priest/Priestess, people of the Kemetic Faith, or people who are involved in Kemetic organizations  and I find that the majority do not know the cosmological systems of Egypt or have chosen one over the other without knowing that they interlock. I was lucky enough to know and read the Maat Kheru Dr. Jacob Carruthers work early on and I can say that this lead me to this analysis.

The Secret of the Ankh is a Paradigm Shift and from the definition that author Joel Barker gives: A paradigm is a system of rules and regulations that does two things: First, some of the rules set limits or establishes boundaries-just like a pattern sets the edges. Then, the rest of the rules offer you guidance on how to be successful by solving problems that exist inside these boundaries-in a sense, they offer you a model for problem solving. So a paradigm is a problem-solving system. And a paradigm shift is when you change from one set of rules to another. Paradigm Blindness is when you can’t see change or what is really happening because the rules that you are using are preventing you from seeing reality or the future.

There are 156 Earth chakras or energy centers(12 major and 144 minor) across the globe many of which are highlighted by massive mountains, hills, monuments, or other unusual anomalies.

Those located in the seas or oceans hide submerged vortexes, currents, fissures, portals, and even secret cavernous cities or civilizations. Below is the list based on Robert Coon’s unique and extensive knowledge of the Earth chakras which he likens to the human body’s own chakra system.

The main chakras correspond to the twelve planets/signs and are are marked in blue. Chakras are the invisible but real sustainers of our physical reality. They are the etheric or astral(emotional-mental) link between the spiritual and physical world and are activated by lunar and planetary transits.

These centers form a geometrical grid or ley system across the planet where the planet’s energies flow and are at their strongest much like a nervous system. Locating on one of these centers or lines of force gives access to incredible energy or power which can be used positively or negatively. Many occult societies make use of these forces as do influential leaders and government or religious institutions. Most importantly, perhaps, is that they serve to connect the planet with other planets, stars, and cosmic centers.

It is important that these centers remain pure or undisturbed for the well-functioning of the planet and all its life forms. Unfortunately, many of these centers are being abused or thwarted by alien or human parasitical interests resulting in the planet’s poor perfomance. This is usually done by building a city, edifice, or monument on the center or line of force which changes or diverts the natural energy flow.

Crystals and occult rites or invocations can also affect the flow. Removal or relocation of such artificial constructs will restablish the Earth’s natural flow. Our deforestation and misuse of the planet’s natural resources(such as coal or gas) is also creating havoc. A cleansing or purification is definitely needed as well as an increased awareness and respect for the planet’s sacred energies.

Twelve Earth Chakras


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