There are thousands of religions, all making radically different claims. Here’s a question for everyone following any of these different belief systems. Is there anything that would stop you believing? That is, would you accept any kind of “falsification principle” being applied to your religion? Is there any “fact” that you would accept as a refutation of your chosen religion? If you cannot formulate such a possibility then doesn’t it mean that you believe blindly? If you proudly state that your faith is “unshakable” then you are not prepared to accept anything as evidence against your beliefs. Therefore, your beliefs constitute an irrational fanaticism, completely divorced from reality. The difference between you and an insane person is merely a matter of degree or opinion since a madman also adheres to unreasonable, unverifiable beliefs that he will never abandon under any circumstances. Scientists actively look for anomalies and inconsistencies. They seek data that doesn’t conform with the expected results. That’s where Quantum Mechanics came from. Classical physics couldn’t account for a number of observed phenomena so had to be discarded, no matter how painful. Do religious believers look for anomalies, for reasons not to believe? And, if they don’t, aren’t their beliefs worthless? They could literally believe anything if they are never willing to challenge their beliefs. Every religious person ought to be skeptical because why would the True God want to associate with fools and blind believers?

Virtually all religions are designed to brainwash people into a state where they become “mad” i.e. they will buy into the particular religion hook, line and sinker and nothing will ever dent their faith. Look at the millions of Muslims participating in the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Do they ever give the impression that they are thoughtful, independently-minded individuals who are open to criticism of their religion and who are capable of questioning their beliefs? Or do they resemble a mind-controlled horde who will tear to shreds anyone who rejects their beliefs? Islam, more than any other religion, is the angry scream of the lynch mob. Muslims went berserk because of a cartoon in a Danish magazine depicting Mohammed as a terrorist. People were killed. Danish products were boycotted. Imams spoke out against the evils of free speech. Someone tried to murder the cartoonist. Is this behaviour sane? Is faith sane? Or is it another word for madness? The search for gnosis – the highest knowledge – is the opposite of faith.

Since Christianity is the world’s dominant religion, we particularly challenge all Christians to consider what facts they might accept as refutation of their religion. Are there any? Every aspect of Christianity has been put under a microscope and found wanting. Nothing other than blind, defiant belief has survived the forensic analysis of Christianity.

The question becomes not whether Christianity (or any of the other main religions for that matter) is true but why so many people continue to believe in a religion that is illogical, incoherent, contradictory, incredible, ludicrous and whose myriad failings have been highlighted in endless books. The answer is simple. People will believe anything if it gives them a “system” with which they feel comfortable. Christianity provides people with a moral framework, a history, a community, a worldwide family, a hope of eternal life, a hope of paradise. Above all, it gives them an identity. The fact that the religion is unbelievable and manifestly false is neither here nor there as far as they are concerned. To abandon Christianity is a step so terrifying to Christians that the vast majority will never take it. Those who do lapse from Christianity are those who never fully engaged with it in the first place, hence their identity was not defined by it. Once your identity is exclusively defined by a religion you’re in real trouble because to abandon your religion is to lose your identity. A few months ago, a Jehovah’s Witness wrote to us to say how disgusted he was with his religion and how he now wanted to worship Lucifer, the god of light. He poured out his revulsion for the Jehovah’s Witnesses. A few months later, he said he had become “terrified” and had now begged to be allowed back into the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We were not surprised in the slightest. Many people are the victims of this horrendous mind control that will never let them go.

The early Church leader Tertullian said of Christianity: “It is true because it is absurd. I believe because it is impossible.” That is still the basis of Christianity. Insanity.

People are Christians because they are scared not to be. Imagine having to understand the meaning of life without having Christianity to fall back on, without all of that comforting brainwashing, so deeply ingrained as to become second nature. The Christians are not alone, of course. All of the mainstream religions play the same game. It’s not the “truth value” of these religions that anyone cares about, but the rituals, the comfort, the consolation, the hope and the simplistic means for understanding life that such religions offer i.e. these religions are psychological rather than philosophical. And precisely because of that, they cannot be shaken by “facts”. They are immune to challenge. An atheist such as Richard Dawkins wastes his time trying to debate with them. He has failed to understand that he is attacking their identity and psychology but not offering to replace religion with anything that has any of the same psychological benefit.

These websites are the gospel of anti-propaganda. This is the exposé of all the propagandists out to manipulate and exploit you. By the time you’ve finished reading these sites, you’ll know exactly what to believe. It’s a short list!

Text source: All The Rest Is Propaganda

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Who are they? Ask your average Joe and he will tell you that the Illuminati are the rich elite that rule the world, and that they wish to enslave the world and rule it under their NWO (New World Order). But why do people believe this? The Media. It’s funny how most people will say that the Illuminati control the media, but if so then why would they broadcast their name and their agenda to the whole world? This makes no sense. Ironically some people that say “question everything” actually believe that the rich elite told everyone their name and their agenda. Wake up. THEY LIED. And the best lies always have a sprinkle of truth in them. The elite admitted to their agenda, but they gave themselves another name, “The Illuminati” to steer people in the wrong direction. Eventually people started to say the most absurd things about this group. Many conspiracy theorists say that the Illuminati are a bunch of shaping shifting demon lizards from another planet. Cool story bro…

I’ll get back to the rich fucks in a bit, but for now lets look at who the Illuminati really are. What does the name mean? It means “the enlightened ones”. “Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality.” - Wikipedia. Does this sound like an evil group hell bent on trying to take over the world? No, in fact it sounds like a group that is dedicated to freeing the world. Which is what the real Illuminati are. It should be noted that the Illuminati go much further back in time. They are actually the Pythagoreans, specifically the mathmēmatikoi.

But who are they now? What is their agenda? See for yourself I invite you to thoroughly read through the material on this site, and tackle it with an open mind. A real truth seeker will look everywhere for the truth, forget your preconceptions about the name “Illuminati”, judge them for yourself, by their words and work. Give the site a chance, what do you have to lose?

I know that if i showed this site to most people they would instantly reject it. Why? It’s their mindset. Most people have a t-chart mind set. On one side there’s “good” on the other “bad”. For most people The name “Illuminati” is in the bad column, and it will never move. People don’t want to think and make hard decisions. So they file things into two easy to understand categories. Most parents program their children to think this way. For example, to my dismay many of the girls I went to high school with had the mindset of “sex=bad” unless they are married or in a very long lasting relationship. Most people live their lives thinking like this. Talk to average Joe and he will say things like this, drugs=bad (not alcohol though), sports=good, cars=good, etc. This mindset really fucks people up because it blocks out the truth and leaves people with dumb ass opinions. Let’s take alcohol for example, in moderation it won’t be very harmful to you, however if you abuse it you’ll become  an alcoholic. Alcohol isn’t bad, and it isn’t good either. Stops saying things are good or bad, those things don’t fucking exist! Grow up! “Things” are not bad, people just fuck up. Alcohol is not responsible for Bob turning into an alcoholic, HE IS!! He fucked up and he needs to take responsibility and get help. How can an inanimate object be bad? Is the bottle of rum calling you over? or is it you telling yourself to go over to the bottle of rum?

The Old World Order are well aware of the t-chart mindset. That’s why they associated “Illuminati” with “The Bad Guys”. So if someone ever encountered the Illuminati they would instantly reject everything they read/heard about them, unless that person was smart enough to reconsider everything they’ve been told. This is an old tactic that the OWO used with the name “God”. They told everyone that God is perfect and he loves you and blah fucking blah. Then he preceded to commit the greatest crimes in history. Here they associated God with good so that even though he was bad shit fucking crazy people would still obey and bow down to his cronies. People must have thought “Ahh, they say this guy is good so everything he does must be good and justified.” People now do the same shit with their parents, they’ll think parents=good so everything they do must be good and justified. So no matter what shit their parents do to them, they will always say that their parents are good, and they’ll probably raise their own children the same way.  People now project this line of thought on the new Gods, celebrities. The modern heard thinks “Looks good? Must be good.” People are much more inclined to listen to an attractive person than an unattractive person. Isn’t that fucking insane? Without knowing anything about either person, or even listening to what they have to say people will listen to the person that looks the best. To most people celebrities look the best so they worship them.

“The motto over the door of psychologist Carl Jung’s house read, “Summoned or not, the god will come.”

If he comes unsummoned, he will be a stranger to you and perhaps even your enemy or tyrannical master whom you must slavishly worship as the Abrahamists do their monstrous deity. But if you yourself summon him, the most incredible alchemy can take place: you and the god can become one.

You yourself can achieve divinity.” –



We are very happy with how our work is accepted, shared and respected and there are a lot of people who are now awakening to truth and who are exiting this false web of lies that has been created to suffocate and stifle the truth about who the Anunnaki are.

There are of course some fearful people that are speaking against us because they are afraid of what we are revealing because these truths we share are rapidly dismantling their whole system that makes them money. They are also panicking from the revelations we are sharing while the most are even attacking each other because of their obvious insecurity with what they have chosen to believe and while this situation is very entertaining, we have decided to give some general answers. Look out; the dragon is coming to get you!

This is also a great opportunity to have a pre-written reply prepared to give to anyone who attacks us even before they have read our work simply by seeing the word ‘Anunnaki’ which seems to throw them into panic and this is because they have only ever read the false information they have come across by the ones who are knowingly or unknowingly working as false information agents for the dark brotherhood and their intent on injecting society with lies regarding our ancestors to enforce them to hate those who are our mothers and fathers so should they ever return to help us, we would attack them.

It should be known that not all tribes of the universe are working for the light or for the good of humankind and they are also manipulating the frequencies of others who believe they are channeling messages of a benevolent nature.

We must start with how this false information all began and it all began with Zachariah Sitchin. On one hand we are grateful to him that he made the Anunnaki so well known to humanity but on the other side we are sad that what he wrote was taken as the gospel truth by his readers. Everyone who has been drawn to the Anunnaki has probably begun with his books though in the beginning he also explained how he has embellished the stories in order to make them more entertaining. It wasn’t until people began to believe his work to be real did he change his story and say that his books contained the EXACT translations of the Sumerian/Babylonian tablets.

From his ‘work’, the stories surrounding the Anunnaki became distorted by others and it became like a mass hysteria where so called ‘channelers’ began channeling information that matched what Sitchin had written but from the true translations it is CLEAR to see that Sitchin’s work is false. It is CLEAR to see that these so called ‘channelers’ and well known ‘researchers’ began building their own theories based on Sitchin’s descriptions of the Anunnaki and their stories. In other words, lies were being built on top of lies, from the researchers perspective it was a good way to make money and from the ‘channelers’ perspective it was a good way to continue living within their fantasies because what Sitchin wrote was pretty dramatic compared to the real stories.

This is a major problem within the ‘New Age’ community; they watch a movie or read a book relating to the esoteric and begin to build their whole belief system based on these movies and books which are works of fiction. A good example is the ‘Da Vinci Code’ book and movie; as soon as people began reading and watching this book and movie they were claiming that they had past life memories of being Sarah (who the writer wrote is the daughter of Jesus) or Mary Magdalene and there was and still is an abundant array of channeling’s from this ‘Sarah’ character created by the author. Even though we do not dispute that the author did bring many esoteric truths to light, we can see how the New Age community becomes lost in illusions and fiction and how their beliefs are formed and how unstable and dangerous books and words of others can be in relation to what they believe and project to be true.

Because we ARE Anunnaki avatars and because we are bringers and agents of truth, it was important for us to find out what others had said about the Anunnaki. What had the ancient historians said about them? What had the esoteric masters like Helena Blavatsky said about this race of beings that had created humanity? We also have direct contact with the Anunnaki who had told us countless times that they are not as Sitchin had portrayed them to be and from our own countless meetings with them, we could see that they were not these power hungry, ego driven maniacs who were intent of fighting with each other to control the Earth and their creations. We knew that there was NO WAY that the Anunnaki Sitchin was speaking about was the same loving, nurturing and caring beings we had been in connection with ALL of our lives.

We will provide a link for you to read for yourself what the real and true scholars and transliterators say about Zachariah Sitchin and no, they have not said these things because they want to cover any truth because within the true translations of the tablets there is enough evidence to make the dark brotherhood shake over what they reveal.

“Sitchin’s ideas have been rejected by scientists and academics, which dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory. His work has been criticized for flawed methodology and mistranslations of ancient texts as well as for incorrect astronomical and scientific claims.”


In truth, Sitchin could not translate the tablets; he had read them and simply created works of fiction BASED on the translations performed by others. How do we know this? We know this by researching his credentials, who he is (he was a Freemason of the Dark Lodge and he had attended rituals at Bohemian Grove), by what the true scholars had said about him and by reading the true translations and by our own gut instincts.

He claimed that Nibiru was a planet and it was a planet where the Anunnaki came from. Nowhere in the translations does it say that Nibiru was a planet. We are told in the translations that Nibiru was a place where the gods lived and it was a place on Earth. The only time it was considered to be a planet was when Jupiter (Marduk) was in a certain position in the sky and then it was called Nibiru or AMAR.UD, ‘The Star of Marduk’:

“As the highest point in the paths of the planets, Nibiru was considered the seat of the summus deus who pastures the stars like sheep, in Babylon identified with Marduk. The establishment of the Nibiru point is described in tablet 5 of the creation epic Enûma Eliš; “When Marduk fixed the locations (manzazu) of Nibiru, Enlil and Ea in the sky.”

“Nibiru (also transliterated Neberu, Nebiru) is a term in the Akkadian language, translating to “crossing” or “point of transition“, especially of rivers, i.e. river crossings or ferry-boats. In Babylonian astronomy, Nibiru (in cuneiform spelled dné-bé-ru or MULni-bi-rum) is a term of the highest point of the ecliptic, i.e. the point of summer solstice, and its associated constellation.”


More information about the crossing here:

But we are not only going to give you a Wikipedia link; we are going to give you links to the TRUE translations so that you can understand once and for all that Nibiru is NOT a planet:

“ He directed his steps on his own to Nibru and entered the temple terrace, the shrine of Nibru.”


“Nibru was the city, the one we live in. Dur-ĝišnimbar was the city, the one we live in.”


“As the presents are given in the shrine Nibru, a holy song of praise is sung.”


And there are many more stories which explain how Nibiru or Nibru is a city, a shrine and a sanctuary but there are too many to list here. You are free to search for them yourself here:

You can also find easier to read translations here:

Then we come to another ridiculous fabrication by Sitchin that the Anunnaki came to Earth to mine for gold (lol) because they were having a problem with their atmosphere on ‘planet Nibiru’ and that they needed to grind up gold to act as a net and this is the basis for creating human beings to be a SLAVE race who would mine gold for them.

Firstly, we want to speak to your logic; would a highly advanced and technological race of beings not have the machinery to mine for gold themselves? Please; we are asking you to use your intelligence to fathom this one out. Stop allowing your wisdom and intuition and logic to be hijacked and hypnotized by ridiculous theories and see the obvious for what it is.

The reason why the Anunnaki created humanity was to work and inhabit the land of Earth. The Anunnaki were trying to create a civilization that would fill the Earth but first it had to be made livable by the children they would create and why shouldn’t humanity build their own world to live in? Why should they not contribute to working hard for a world that would eventually be given to them? If you don’t work for something, and work hard, then you don’t value it and you don’t love it, and you don’t have any sense of achievement that you have created something of meaning. Even without the translations, it only takes your own common sense and logic to understand this. You was not a failed experiment; you were created on PURPOSE to be part of a civilization that would populate a planet and this planet is called Earth. You are ANU NA KI! Sky children on Earth! Respect this! Rejoice in this! You are unique, beautiful and LOVED!

There are reliefs and steeles of the gods giving the plough and the hoe to humanity. There is no proof of any visual depictions or stories in the translations that the gods created mankind to mine for gold. There ARE translations that speak of gold and mining for gold and the transportation of gold but not ONLY of gold but other metals such as silver and copper and crystals such as lapis lazuli which was a beloved crystal of the gods:

“I will admire its green cedars. Let the lands of Meluḫa, Magan and Dilmun look upon me, upon Enki. Let the Dilmun boats be loaded (?) with timber. Let the Magan boats be loaded sky-high. Let the magilum boats of Meluḫa transport gold and silver and bring them to Nibru (city) for Enlil, king of all the lands.”


“Lady, since you came to the mountains, Ninmah (‘Great Lady’), since you entered the rebel lands for my sake, since you did not keep far from me when I was surrounded by the horrors of battle — let the name of the pile which I, the hero, have piled up be ‘Mountain’ (ḫursaĝ) and may you be its lady (nin): now that is the destiny decreed by Ninurta. Henceforth people shall speak of Ninḫursaĝa. So be it. Let its meadows produce herbs for you. Let its slopes produce honey and wine for you. Let its hillsides grow cedars, cypress, juniper and box for you. Let it make abundant for you ripe fruits, as a garden. Let the mountain supply you richly with divine perfumes. Let it mine gold and silver for you, make …… for you. Let it smelt copper and tin for you, make its tribute for you. Let the mountains make wild animals teem for you. Let the mountain increase the fecundity of quadrupeds for you. You, O Queen, become equal to An, wearing a terrifying splendour. Great goddess who detests boasting, good lady, maiden Ninḫursaĝa, Nintur, …… approach me. Lady, I have given you great powers: may you be exalted.”


But they used it to adorn their temples and themselves:

“He built the temple from precious metal, decorated it with lapis lazuli, and covered it abundantly with gold.”


Again, there are many stories which you can research for yourselves regarding gold and the mining of gold, none which say that the Anunnaki did not use gold for any atmosphere nor any that say they created humanity to mine for gold.

While many of the stories left to us by the Anunnaki are allegories, most were written for their children and their future children as guidelines on how to live on Earth and how to stay FREE, to avoid becoming enslaved by other men or other off planet beings and to exit any false matrix that was created to manipulate the minds of humanity. Please watch our video below to understand how their teachings, through their stories, were left in order to free us from global tyrants:

Sumero-Babylonian Mysteries/Creation Story/Escaping the Matrix


Citizen Pariah:

A different format than my usual updates but I believe this confusing event requires everyone to know all sides. Do your own research

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Ebola: covert op in a hypnotized world

by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2014

You show people a germ and you tell them what it is and what it does, and people salute. They give in. They believe. They actually know nothing. But they believe.

The massive campaign to make people believe the Ebola virus can attack at any moment, after the slightest contact, is quite a success.

People are falling all over themselves to raise the level of hysteria.

This is what is preventing a hard look at Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Republic Guinea, three African nations where poverty and illness are staples of everyday life for the overwhelming number of people.

The command structure in those areas has a single dictum: don’t solve the human problem.

Don’t clean up the contaminated water supplies, don’t return stolen land to the people so they can grow food and finally…

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As a previous reader of Don Juan via Carlos Castenada, I found this passage to be fascinating.  In it, Don Juan discusses the predator known to ancient brujos as en evil influence on the mind of humanity.  The psychic leeching and misdirection of our mental energy that those in tune can feel.  We have been bamboozled from the start.  The Archons, the predator, the Reptoids, whatever noun you choose to use to describe this primal force that contributes to the illusions of our thoughts and forces us back and back again into this 3D reality so that we can be psychically harvested over and over like the perennial plants we are.  This excerpt is taken from a larger article linked at the bottom of this reference.  –Citizen Pariah


The Predator

Speaking in his own language about the predation of the wetiko virus, the spiritual teacher Don Juan, of the Carlos Castaneda books, mentions that the ancient shamans called this “the topic of topics.”[xi] Don Juan explains, “We have a companion for life…We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives.  beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master.”[xii] This sounds just like the state of affairs being pointed at in the Bible when, for example, The Gospel of John refers to the devil as “the ruler of this world” (14:30; 16:11), and Paul speaks of Satan as “the god of this world” (Cor. 4:4). The Gnostic Gospel of Phillip, talking about the root of evil that lies within all of us, makes the similar point that unless this evil is recognized, “It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive.” (II, 3, 83.5-30) Speaking about the predator, Don Juan continues, “It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.”[xiii] It is striking how Don Juan’s description of the effects of these predators is being enacted in our increasingly militarized society, as our freedoms and liberties get taken away step by step. It is as if an inner, invisible state of affairs existing as a yet unrealized archetypal pattern deep within the soul of humanity is revealing itself by materializing in, as, and through the outside world.

To quote Don Juan, “Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.”[xiv] Don Juan is referring to an “energetic fact” that I imagine most of us can relate to; i.e., there is “something” within us that stops us from expressing our true creative genius and attaining our full potential. These predators are “time-bandits,” consuming the precious hours of our lives, as if we are wage-slaves on a prison-planet “doing time.” Deepening his description of these predators, Don Juan elaborates, “They took over because we are food for them…we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros.”[xv] The wetiko virus particularly flourishes in overpopulated cities, where people are “coop-ed up.” When we buy into group-think and are enlisted as a member of the herd, we become like sheep that are being led over the edge of a cliff, or cattle that are being raised to be slaughtered.

Don Juan continues, “The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind.”[xvi] It is as if these predators are in competition with us for a “share” of our own mind. The predator shape-shifts and assumes our form, and if we are unaware of its masquerade, we will identify with its invasive thought-forms as if they are our own, and act them out. We will mistakenly believe that we are acting on our own impulses, with our best interests in mind. This predator, Don Juan continues, “fears that any moment its maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied.”[xvii] The wetiko predator has an inner necessity, a brute compulsion born out of terror, as it continually has to feed itself so as to postpone its ever-approaching death. Don Juan continues, “Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them [the predators].”[xviii] Cloaking itself in our form, this predator gets under our skin and “puts us on” as a disguise, fooling us to “buy” into its false version of who we are. (This is why the shortened name of Malignant Egophrenia is “ME disease,” referring to a distortion of our identity, i.e., our sense of “me”-ness). Instead of being in our power and serving ourselves, we “unwittingly” (which means to be “out of our wits,” i.e., not in our “right” mind) become the servant of the predator. Instead of being a sovereign being who is creating with our own thoughts, we will then be created by them, as the predator literally thinks in our place. It is as if the predator is sitting in our seat.

Speaking of the predator’s scheme, Don Juan says, “it proposes something, it agrees with its own proposition, and it makes you believe that you’ve done something of worth.”[xix] It is as if there is an alien “other,” an extraterrestrial, metaphysical entity which is subliminally intruding its mind into ours in such a way that we identify with its point of view and dis-connect from our own. Don Juan refers to this situation as a “foreign installation,” as if some alien race has set up a space station inside of our minds. This is exactly what the Gnostics — the ones who “know” — are pointing at when they talk about alien predators called “Archons” who infiltrate and subvert the workings of our mind.[xx] To the extent that we are not conscious of this alien take over of our psyche, we become drafted into the predator’s sinister agenda, unwittingly becoming its slaves. This state of inner, psychological warfare is mirrored by the sinister psy-ops (psychological operations) being instituted by the powers-that-be in the outside world. The disease feeds on our unawareness of it.



When people look at the Euler unit circle, they see it as just a mathematical abstraction. Not one for one second do they relate it to reality. Instead they accept Empiricist mathematics – real numbers are privileged over complex & imaginary numbers.

It’s precisely because of the ignorants of scientists to complex numbers that they have never understood the significance of Euler’s Formula, neither have they understood the origins of reality.

The true significance of Euler’s Formula resides in combining complex and imaginary numbers to create zero – the balance point of all numbers. There’s also a secret to the formula.

It’s none other then the Monad – “container” of all other numbers, their source. Slap bang in the middle of the Euler unit circle, the monad controlling all. It’s the SOUL of the circle & generator of all energy in the universe.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Every monad is a rational, logical, mathematical basic unit of reality. There are infinite monads. Each monad is autonomous – dependent on nothing else for its existence – and each monad is indestructible and eternal. In fact is that not the very definition of GOD?

It’s amazing how you don’t need trillions of dollars and huge machines like CERN to understand secrets of reality & the universe. In fact all you just need a pencil and paper!

That’s how we’ve been doing it, using nothing other then pencil & paper to understand and improve upon equations and formulas until they’re perfect! Then eventually turning them into graphics like the one presented in the photo below.



There are thankfully many sites coming online and helping to index and explain the true nature of the Illuminati good guys version.  Like all tools, esoteric knowledge and knowledge itself can be used for good and evil.  We have stated this before but it must be repeated to clarify.  There is too much disinformation about the nature of Illuminism, corrupted or not.  We must abandon emotion and embrace reason.

–Citizen Pariah – credits given to

Illumination, the religion of becoming, is dialectical and the first step in the dialectical “search” for God (thesis: God exists) is to adopt the antithetical position that God does not exist. Enemies of the Illuminati have often accused us of being crypto-atheists, and it is precisely because of the Second Degree that this notion has gained credence. It is due to the dialectical nature of the Illuminati’s teachings that ill-informed outsiders harbour so many weird and wonderful theories about the Illuminati.

If you glimpse only part of Illuminism, the conclusions you will draw are entirely different from those you will reach if you see the entire thing. Those of us who have steadily graduated through the various degrees have often been afflicted by “dialectical dizziness”, followed by a sense of complete elation when we arrive at a desired synthesis. Each new level of the dialectic raises us up. We are presented with new theses, new antitheses and new syntheses, each more wondrous and enlightening than the last.

Do You Understand Existence?

Because it is a dialectical religion, Illuminism is full of apparent contradictions, all of which are progressively resolved as Illuminists advance further along the path of knowledge. “Outsiders” would inevitably be baffled. Myths, misrepresentations, misinformation and disinformation are practically inevitable if bits and pieces of Illuminism, but not the “whole”, slip into public awareness in an uncontrolled way. No secret society has become the subject of more ludicrous fantasies and baseless accusations than the Illuminati.

“The true is the whole,” said Grand Master Hegel. We who have not yet reached the final mystery degrees of Illuminism know that we are still some way from the whole, but we can begin to see it coming into view. Our vision gets clearer every day. We see further than we did yesterday. The shape of absolute truth is forming in front of our weary eyes.

We ask you to carefully read this site then read the websites of the most vocal and hysterical critics of the Illuminati; people such as David Icke, Henry Makow, Jeff Rense etc. and judge for yourself who is presenting a serious, thoughtful, intellectually rigorous new vision of society and who is indulging in infantile boogeyman stories to frighten you and make you part with your money. All of our material has been provided freely. We have furnished some one million words in total: an enormous and unprecedented body of work. Whom will you trust? – those who seek money from you or those who ask for not a penny? Which side do you think is motivated by the Profit Principle, and which by a desire to bring enlightenment? You would never catch the most prominent charlatans and con men who rant on about the Illuminati ever providing their material for free. They are in business and their business is about spreading hysteria. Fear sells. Every day these people wake up and ponder how they can generate a terrifying headline that will have all the legions of fearful reaching for their wallets.

Criticizing the Illuminati has become a lucrative industry for a few unscrupulous people. They can spin any old yarn and sell it to the gullible hordes that flock to hear their nonsense, the crazier the better. The more ridiculous the tale, the more the credulous suck it up. It’s a weird form of entertainment – politics, science fiction, fantasy and horror rolled into one – and it has nothing to do with the truth. Wake up! It’s all absolute garbage. It’s quite literally mad. The Old World Order have nothing to fear from those who are permanently living in this fantasy land.

Recently, a self-proclaimed psychic asked us whether or not we were “disinformation agents” for “the aliens” and demanded that we clarify our position (if he’s psychic why doesn’t he already know?). We certainly did clarify the matter for him. We admitted that we are indeed working for “the aliens” (whoever they are!). So, now that we have confessed all, can the alien obsessives please go elsewhere and lavish their attention on some other more deserving site? Meanwhile we’ll get on with serious business, such as softening up the earthlings for the Nibiru invasion fleet!


In the Illuminati’s Second Degree, the task of initiates is the dialectical opposite of the one they were given in the First Degree (as discussed in The Divine Suicide, the task of initiates is to create their own religion). They must now devise an “anti-religion” – a way of living that celebrates life while rejecting any notion of the supernatural or the divine. How can you live life fully and gloriously as a mortal doomed to inevitable annihilation? How can you give your life meaning in an uncaring, pointless universe? How can you devise a moral code in a universe where there is no infallible moral authority? How can you live without anxiety? How can you avoid nihilism?

The Illuminati have far more in common with atheists than they do with the followers of the Abrahamic faiths. Belief ought to be equated with ignorance, or even insanity. Is there any sane, rational limit to what can be believed? The followers of Abraham have demonstrated that no belief is too absurd. The more insane the belief, the more firmly people adhere to it. They see it as a “test”. Only the purest, the most devout, the most godly, can believe the unbelievable. The harder it is to believe, the “holier” and more devoted and faithful you have to be to believe it. If you manage to believe the impossible, you will prove to God that you are the truest and purest of heart and he will personally summon you to sit at the foot of his celestial throne as one of his most special and beloved subjects.

God will reward your devotion, your unwavering faith, with the highest position in paradise. And hence we get “martyrs” – those who kill others, and themselves, to show God the strength of their faith, even unto death. These people think they are the holiest of the holy. In fact they are psychopaths who should be in mental asylums where they can do no harm to others. That’s what “faith” does to people. The Inquisition, the Crusades, Jihad, Witch burnings, Slavery, Genocide, Persecution, rooting out all infidels, mass slaughter, child abuse, “martyrdom” operations…these are the blood-soaked, deranged legacy of blind, irrational faith that refuses to hear any contrary voice. The genius of faith is that it actually knows it’s insane and yet it manages to turn that insanity into strength. It says, “Ah, if you have any doubt about these insane claims then you are not the Chosen of God. God only wants those who believe the unbelievable. Only they are good enough; only they have true faith. All the rest are the faint-hearted and the worthless. They are little more than infidels.”

Yahweh demanded that Abraham kill his own son. That’s what a psychopathic test of faith looks like. Abraham, to his eternal shame and infamy, agreed. For the Illuminati, the “test” would be the opposite. Only those who absolutely refused to comply with such an insane and monstrous demand would ever be deemed fit to join. If anyone ever deserved to be cast into hell it was the monster Abraham, the would-be child killer. Imagine revering a man who, in order to show his obedience to God, was willing to murder a child, and not just any child; his own flesh and blood, according to the Bible. And you wonder why we have so much violence in the world? It’s no surprise that so many Catholic priests, the offspring of Abraham, are child molesters. It’s in their Abrahamic DNA. They long to hurt and sacrifice children to their own desires, just as Abraham did. Where was Abraham’s concern and love for his son? It mattered not a jot to him as long as he won the favour of the tyrant Yahweh. All parents who subscribe to the Abrahamic faiths thereby proclaim that their own children are dispensable, just as Isaac was to Abraham. No, there is no God in the Abrahamic world, just the Demiurge, the Prince of Darkness.

Imagine the story of Abraham and his son being told from the son’s viewpoint: “My very own dad tied me up and was intending to murder me to gain with his God. I despise my father now. I will never love or trust him ever again. I despise his God, a monster if ever there was one.” The son would have been traumatized for the rest of his life. This is a tale of the worst possible child abuse. The son’s interests and rights, his actual life, are completely dismissed so that the father can show God how wondrous his faith is and how obedient he is. This is the most fundamental story of the Bible and it is hard to imagine anything more chilling and creepy. When have you heard any Christian, Jew or Muslim condemn and denounce the psychotic Abraham? Never. No wonder the People of the Book are so twisted and screwed up. They have no sense of right and wrong: just of obeying orders.

Science, Atheism and Gnosticism are the antidotes to faith. How much misery would the world have been spared if the fanatics of Abraham were intelligent enough to doubt their absurd beliefs?

“It is not doubt, it is certainty which makes men mad.” ~ Nietzsche

Faith, precisely because it has no rational basis, gives rise to irrational hysteria. Have you ever met an Abrahamist whom you did not secretly consider demented when you heard them ranting on about the nonsense they believe in?

Martin Luther said, “Reason is the Devil’s greatest whore; by nature and manner of being she is a noxious whore; she is a prostitute, the Devil’s appointed whore; whore eaten by scab and leprosy who ought to be trodden under foot and destroyed, she and her wisdom … Throw dung in her face to make her ugly. She is and she ought to be drowned in baptism… She would deserve, the wretch, to be banished to the filthiest place in the house, to the closets.”

Well, that certainly sums it up!

Martin Luther, the great champion of Protestantism, was yet another Abrahamic psychopath, one of the most disturbed men in history, and his dark and dismal religion is simply a dark and dismal reflection of the polluted contents of his unhinged mind. It is extraordinary that so many people have followed the path of this lunatic. The other great champion of Protestantism was John Calvin, another spectacular mental case. Unfortunately, America, the world’s superpower, has more than enough followers of Luther, Calvin and the rest of their Protestant brotherhood. They hate the Illuminati because we represent everything to which they are opposed: knowledge and reason.

Everyone ought to begin life as an atheist or agnostic, free of religious brainwashing, and then they can find their own way to God.


*****The great German philosopher Hegel, a former Grand Master of the Illuminati, has described the religion of the Illuminati in immense philosophical detail. His philosophy is notoriously difficult for the uninitiated, and some commentators have accused him of being a charlatan concealing arrant nonsense behind opaque, impenetrable and mystical jargon.

Despite its complexity, Hegel’s philosophy has proved incredibly influential. No one who has made a serious attempt to get to grips with it can doubt its astonishing power, breadth and the sheer scope and audacity of its ambitions. It sought nothing less than to describe everything in one vast, monumental synthesis embracing art, nature, religion and philosophy. It was a Grand Unified Theory of Everything. That objective has always been the endeavour of the Illuminati – to specify the complete nature of existence.

Unfortunately, the person who made most of Hegel’s philosophy was the dialectical materialist Karl Marx who turned Hegel’s idealistic, spiritual, religious philosophy on its head. He made it into a materialistic philosophy, and there was no place for God, and not much for common sense either. It is because the seeds of Marxism lie in Hegel’s dialectical philosophy that the Illuminati have often been accused of being the founders of Communism.

Communism is a failed, impractical, unrealistic, anti-meritocratic ideology, but it has one thing in its favour: it provides a lacerating critique of capitalism and it’s well worth studying for that reason alone. Not surprisingly, sales of books on Marxism soared during the Credit Crunch.

The Illuminati recognized that Hegel had failed to communicate the principles of Illuminism in an easily understandable form. They wanted to try again and the person they earmarked for the task was one of the greatest writers and communicators of all time – Nietzsche.

Nietzsche was not a member of the Illuminati but his philosophy was immensely admired by the Illuminati and intersected with Illuminism in numerous ways. It was often used as an example to Second Degree Illuminists of how to construct an inspiring way of life that did not have any reliance on any God.

The Illuminati never got the chance to recruit Nietzsche: he went insane just before the Illuminati planned to introduce themselves to him. He was not a famous person at the time – his radical philosophy had been mostly ignored, but the Illuminati had followed his career for years.

Nietzsche called for a “revaluation of all values.” He considered that the foundations of the Judaeo-Christian West were collapsing. All the values based on that false, crumbling edifice were being exposed for the sham they were. Every institution derived from them had to be replaced.

Nothing has changed. More than ever we need to revalue all values. (Look at the Vatican: the centre of a worldwide empire of child abuse at the hands of the “shepherds of the flock”. How much longer can this failed religion stagger on? Catholicism, and Christianity in general, has already died, and it just doesn’t know it yet. It is a zombie religion, grimly dragging its undead carcass around.) This is precisely the project of the Illuminati: to establish a New World Order where all the decaying values of the past, all the failed institutions, all the corrupt ideologies, all the lies and greed and selfishness are abolished, where the zombies are finally put out of their misery.

We call for an end of the Abrahamic faiths, an end of consumerism and materialism, an end of capitalist democracy, an end of the privileged elites and dynastic families, an end of the all-pervasive Profit Principle. Get rid of it all. Place a new value on everything. Create new institutions. It’s time for a new world dedicated to the maximisation of human potential. The People Principle is the one we need to enshrine – whereby the function of the state is to treat each and every person as a unique talent who needs to be nurtured and cultivated. No sexism, no racism, no discrimination, no privilege, no brainwashing, no rat race, no treating human beings as units of consumption, as objects rather than subjects. No more alienation. No more Old World Order. No more institutions of the past. The future is ours.

The biggest stumbling block to real change is psychological. Nietzsche was a major influence on Freud, but Freud would certainly have been a major influence on Nietzsche if Nietzsche had ever had the opportunity to read Freud’s work, particularly his theories concerning ego defense mechanisms. Nietzsche thought that the old, failed systems would, ultimately, be slain at the hands of the truth; their own contradictions would undo them. What he didn’t appreciate fully, even though it is implicit in many of his writings and even though he acknowledged the utility and power of “the lie”, was that the truth is astonishingly weak in relation to human ego defense mechanisms.

People will use denial, projection, repression, displacement, transference, dissociation, narcissism, regression, suppression etc. to protect themselves from harsh truths. If their identity has become fused with a lie then there is virtually no truth on earth that can release them because to confront the truth would be to abandon their identity. And without an identity you are no longer human. You are nothing. It will never be truth that frees humanity, but methods of shaping new identities, liberated from the failed identities of old. We need to revalue all values and introduce new identities based on those new values. For many people, it is already too late to save them. They are permanently locked into identities that prevent them from ever acknowledging the truth.

Look at the Abrahamic faiths. Muslims now (and Christians in the past) are eager to massacre every infidel. All Muslims secretly want to kill you if you are not part of their faith. Your very existence threatens their identity. How can you not believe in Allah? How can you not accept Mohammed and the Koran? They are terrified that you know something they don’t, that your disbelief might contaminate them. Therefore you have to die. Islam and Christianity have always wished to covert the whole world, and have always homicidally despised all those who refused to convert. Muslims and Christians are profoundly intolerant, frightening people. Their entire identity is based on it.

The Jews are a different case. Their identity is founded upon being the “Chosen People”. To be chosen there must, logically, be others who are not chosen. Therefore Jews have no inclination to convert others. They want enemies because it is only in contrast with their enemies that they can maintain their identity as the Chosen of God. Historically, they have brought a terrible fate down upon themselves because they have always actively cultivated enmity. They have made themselves “alien” and revelled in that identity. Can you imagine the Jews ever acknowledging that they are not the Chosen People? They would not be Jews if they did, so they never will. Their identity is infinitely more important to them than the truth.

History, it must be said, was as unkind to Nietzsche as it was to Hegel. While Hegel’s philosophy was twisted into Marxism, Nietzsche’s was linked with fascism. It was many years before Nietzsche’s philosophy was redeemed from that outrageous libel. The Illuminati have been slandered and libelled just as much. The internet is awash with the lies and propaganda of the Old World Order and the dumb puppets who unwittingly work for them.

But, as always, we ask you to judge for yourselves. Read what we say and read what our enemies say and then make up your own minds.