Laura Eisenhower – Guest Post

Laura is an amazing person and speaker.  She has a firm knowledge of the world’s true state.  I highly encourage everyone to seek her out.  A link to her site can be found in the links section.  The following is an excerpt from a facebook post presented with her permission.

It’s not about fighting anything and it doesn’t matter about the Illuminati, who should really just be called the cabal. All they are, is the Energy Vampire Academy, learning how they can best manipulate you into giving up your free will, your creative imagination and your Spiritual abilities, cause they know you can be the illuminated one and they don’t want that…

They are incredibly easy to have victory over, but no one really cares enough in the main stream because they are in the trance and the amnesia has invited in addictions and attachments that are connecting them to the tentacles of a global shadow system, that takes advantage of the fractured heart of the Goddess… She can’t help but love her children and hurt and a huge part of her body was exploded into what we know as the Asteroid belt and we need to understand what this means for us and how the Spirit of the Goddess morphed into this physical planet…

Dark technologies and thousands of years of programmings imbedded into our culture, with the trauma of War and the trauma of feeling the illusion of separation that they perpetuate with false solutions, are the distortions that take us further away from the Truth and ourselves ~ this is what we are dealing with… We are healing as a collective slowly but surely, but the only way we truly can is if we possess the Soul longing and desire to return to our light body and our roots into the Earth, which holds a Core Sun Star – 13th Gate Mother Arc, which connects us to the Energy Matrix where our Divine Blue Print Trinity exits ~ the God Head… This is why this is an Ascending planet, as a portion of the Divine Sophia became the planet to help us for this reason ~ Gaia…

We have to want it, without the want, we don’t put forth the effort. Our deepest Soul longing is our destiny, but if the longing is gone, we spin in the time loop ruled by lower astral entities and lower Creator Gods…. People love the Matrix and all its distractions and addictions, even the New Age traps loves its own delusions and then those who think its all nonsense become aethiest and deny God/ess out of sheer repulsion for the way humans are relating to it, and forget that is why. So many people don’t care – they are numb and plugged into something else…

People are denying their divine inheritance and potential and forget that living in integrity and balance is Spiritual and being familiar with our unconscious self is how we recognize our Multi-dimensional energy and body. Recognizing sexual/creative/spiritual energy as One, is the power that can manifest our dreams and can then transform our World; every step and breath we take, can take us closer to the goal. We have to recognize where we are fragmented and where our powers are not integrated with our higher self… Dream big, expand into your creative imagination.

We have to be consistent, not slip in awareness and we need to constantly remind ourselves of this kind of power we have that is available to us now. Call upon people to be your reminders, feel the joy of knowing this is all its going to take!

What Do The Enlightened Stand For?

We want to see the end of all of the world’s old, decrepit, psychotic religions. This is the twenty-first century, and ancient superstitions and tribal “Commandments” have no right to be here.

We want to see the end of predatory capitalism – the economic system designed to allow a tiny, greedy, infinitely selfish, narcissistic and psychopathic elite to rule over the rest of us and establish great dynasties of wealth and power that rule over us in perpetuity.

We want every person on earth to be given a proper chance to demonstrate their merit, and rise as high as their talent warrants, without any invisible obstacles being placed in their path, without having to take part in a game rigged against them, and be the victim of unseen cartels pulling all of the strings on behalf of chosen (privileged) players.

We want the smartest and most talented human beings to be leading the world since it would be insane to want stupid and untalented people at the top – as we currently have.

We have a world where the Peter Principle applies … the people at the top have been promoted beyond their level of competence, but there’s no one above them to fire them, and they refuse to be fired by those below them. We need to ensure that every inept person in an influential position is accountable to the people and can be easily fired.

We are for public control of society, not private control. Capitalism is an economic designed to bring about the rule of the public sphere by the private sphere, via the “market”, which is unelected and unaccountable to the people, and in which the people have no representation and no say. Free-market capitalism is the exact means by which democracy is sabotaged and subverted, and the people prevented from controlling their own destiny.

You can have rule by the people, or rule by private markets, but you can’t have both. Which is it to be? You MUST choose.

We want the scientific and mathematical methods to be extended to economic policy, social policy, religious policy, drug policy, education policy, health policy, police policy, and so on. We want the end of moralising and sermonising. We want the end of pious, pompous, sanctimonious preacher people prattling on about their Stone Age moral codes and beliefs.

We want the end of parental abuse of children via religious indoctrination, and even physical mutilation of babies (circumcision).

We want the end of crazy parents being allowed to bring up crazy children, made crazy by their parents’ crazy beliefs.

We want faith to be abolished, to be treated with no respect at all. Reason must be the new standard.

We want a Logos Society and an Age of Reason. Mythos must be consigned to the arena of harmless entertainment.

We want a Second and Final Enlightenment where humanity at last frees itself of the cancer of ancient religious myths, which have done more damage to the human psyche than anything else. Ancient religions made, and continue to make, billions of people deranged.

We can build heaven on earth, but only through reason, knowledge and an intellectually optimised human race. It shows how retarded the human race is that there are billions of people who despise the notion of the maximisation of human intelligence as the primary goal of government policy.

What can you do with a humanity that loves being stupid and has absolute contempt for intelligence, and no interest in it at all?

We live in a world where money, not intelligence, is the driving force, and those with money are never going to give up their power to let the smartest take over. The question is very simple … what are the smartest going to do about it? Do they have the will to take over from the rich? In Star Trek, that’s exactly what happened.

Humanity’s future must be as an intelligent, meritocratic, rational species, not as a religious species on its knees to invisible gods, or a capitalist species enslaved and owned by the super rich.

What Do We Stand For?</p>
<p>We want to see the end of all of the world's old, decrepit, psychotic religions. This is the twenty-first century, and ancient superstitions and tribal "Commandments" have no right to be here.</p>
<p>We want to see the end of predatory capitalism - the economic system designed to allow a tiny, greedy, infinitely selfish, narcissistic and psychopathic elite to rule over the rest of us and establish great dynasties of wealth and power that rule over us in perpetuity.</p>
<p>We want every person on earth to be given a proper chance to demonstrate their merit, and rise as high as their talent warrants, without any invisible obstacles being placed in their path, without having to take part in a game rigged against them, and be the victim of unseen cartels pulling all of the strings on behalf of chosen (privileged) players.</p>
<p>We want the smartest and most talented human beings to be leading the world since it would be insane to want stupid and untalented people at the top - as we currently have.</p>
<p>We have a world where the Peter Principle applies ... the people at the top have been promoted beyond their level of competence, but there's no one above them to fire them, and they refuse to be fired by those below them. We need to ensure that every inept person in an influential position is accountable to the people and can be easily fired.</p>
<p>We are for public control of society, not private control. Capitalism is an economic designed to bring about the rule of the public sphere by the private sphere, via the "market", which is unelected and unaccountable to the people, and in which the people have no representation and no say. Free-market capitalism is the exact means by which democracy is sabotaged and subverted, and the people prevented from controlling their own destiny.</p>
<p>You can have rule by the people, or rule by private markets, but you can't have both. Which is it to be? You MUST choose.</p>
<p>We want the scientific and mathematical methods to be extended to economic policy, social policy, religious policy, drug policy, education policy, health policy, police policy, and so on. We want the end of moralising and sermonising. We want the end of pious, pompous, sanctimonious preacher people prattling on about their Stone Age moral codes and beliefs.</p>
<p>We want the end of parental abuse of children via religious indoctrination, and even physical mutilation of babies (circumcision).</p>
<p>We want the end of crazy parents being allowed to bring up crazy children, made crazy by their parents' crazy beliefs.</p>
<p>We want faith to be abolished, to be treated with no respect at all. Reason must be the new standard.</p>
<p>We want a Logos Society and an Age of Reason. Mythos must be consigned to the arena of harmless entertainment.</p>
<p>We want a Second and Final Enlightenment where humanity at last frees itself of the cancer of ancient religious myths, which have done more damage to the human psyche than anything else. Ancient religions made, and continue to make, billions of people deranged.</p>
<p>We can build heaven on earth, but only through reason, knowledge and an intellectually optimised human race. It shows how retarded the human race is that there are billions of people who despise the notion of the maximisation of human intelligence as the primary goal of government policy.</p>
<p>What can you do with a humanity that loves being stupid and has absolute contempt for intelligence, and no interest in it at all?</p>
<p>We live in a world where money, not intelligence, is the driving force, and those with money are never going to give up their power to let the smartest take over. The question is very simple ... what are the smartest going to do about it? Do they have the will to take over from the rich? In Star Trek, that's exactly what happened.</p>
<p>Humanity's future must be as an intelligent, meritocratic, rational species, not as a religious species on its knees to invisible gods, or a capitalist species enslaved and owned by the super rich.</p>
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The First Philosopher

The following is an excerpt from a chapter of the book The Illuminati, published by Hyperreality books.  Presented here for a review.  The God Game series provides the equivalent training and mental, spiritual knowledge to the sixth degree of the Illuminati.  The focus is on Pythagorean Illumination which can be summed up as Mathematics is the definition of reality.  Logos over Mythos.  Mathematics explains all of our materialistic sciences, as well as the supernatural.  While in fact there is no supernatural, just phenomenon we don’t yet know how to understand due to the limits of the scientific materialistic view that has been sold to humanity.  This is the beginning, if you are ready.


Pythagoras was the first person to be known as a philosopher, the first to use that term to describe himself, the first pure mathematician and the first person to adopt a systematic, deductive, scientific method,
making him the forefather of modern science.
Such was his renown that the phrase autos epha was coined, meaning, “he himself said it.” This was later translated into a famous Latin phrase: ipse dixit. Anyone who wanted to end a debate, simply declared, “He himself said it.” No one dared challenge a direct pronouncement of Pythagoras. He was famed for his skill with the lyre, and, like Orpheus, he used music to help those who were ill and to soothe wild animals. He was
obsessed with music because it brought numbers to life. Music might be considered as aural mathematics: mathematics transformed into emotion. Social and political harmony are akin to beautiful music, while the chaotic opposite is music that has degenerated into discord. Twenty-one of the central principles taught by Pythagoras to the inner circle of the Illuminati (who were known as the mathematikoi)
(1) Reality is mathematical at its deepest level.
(2) The cosmos exhibits order because it obeys mathematical laws.
(3) If the cosmos were not mathematical it would be permanently chaotic and random. No form of organization would ever have emerged. No life could have arisen.
(4) Mathematics is the first language of the cosmos. Mathematics underlies reason, order, organization, pattern, logic, and form.
(5) God is mathematics come to life.
(6) God is mathematical perfection.
(7) The thinking mind, both human and divine, is born of mathematics.
(8) The mathematics of humanity can evolve to the mathematics of divinity: the latter is simply an inferior version of the latter.
(9) Through the understanding of mathematics, humans can comprehend the Mind of God.
(10) The human soul reflects the mathematics of eternity.
(11) Mathematics and philosophy can purify the soul spiritually.
(12) The human soul can rise to union with the divine.
(13) Certain symbols have a mystical significance via which the secrets of God are revealed.
(14) God has filled the cosmos with mathematical messages (codes) to the human race to provide the answers to all of our questions. We need only read the codes, but to do so we must learn to see through
God’s eyes.
(15) Good and evil have their origins in mathematics. Good is associated with those who wish to live in harmony with others; evil is the result of the desire to destroy harmony by treating others in a lesser way than one would expect to be treated oneself. Good people seek harmony; evil people seek discord. Good people seek cooperation, evil people seek to put others down in order to raise themselves up.

(16) God wants all good people to join him. He rejects all evil people.
(17) Emotion is based on music, and music on mathematics. All of our emotions are reflected in music. Music can make us happy, sad, tearful, and ecstatic. It can rouse us to dance. It can plunge us into despair. It can deliver serenity. It can make us restless. It can inspire us, or crush us. It can allow us to enter into communion with others. It can raise our minds to the level of the divine. Through perfect music, we can glimpse the perfect mind of God.
(18) All things have a profound inner grasp of mathematics. Even when they do not know it, all things are carried along in the eternal flow of mathematics, the river of enlightenment.
(19) Those who do not understand mathematics are those who have not had what is buried within them brought into the light of reason.

(20) Light and sound are mathematical. In the afterlife, we hear the Music of the Spheres and see the infinitely dazzling light patterns of eternity.
(21) All Brothers and Sisters of the Order should observe strict loyalty and secrecy. Twenty-one was a revered number because it was the product of two of the most sacred numbers: three and seven. Consider the  sophistication of Pythagoras’s principles in contrast with the primitive and childish stories, parables, laws and
commandments of the Torah, Bible and Koran. How could Jews, Christians or Muslims ever claim to have any real knowledge of anything at all? Abrahamism is all about superstition, fear and control. “Bless us, divine number, who generated gods and men. Number contains the root and source of eternally flowing creation.”
“One cannot escape the feeling that these mathematical formulas have an independent existence and intelligence of their own, that they are wiser than we are…” — Heinrich Hertz
The soul, if it is to be at all meaningful in this scientific age, must be capable of a scientific and hence mathematical description. From the outset, Pythagoras treated the soul scientifically and mathematically.
Any religion that fails to do so is no religion at all, but mere moonshine for simpletons. This is not to say that the soul can be fully described and defined mathematically. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata may be analysed
mathematically, divided up into waveforms, amplitudes, sine waves, frequencies, wavelengths etc. We can thus provide an exact mathematical analysis of the music, sufficient to allow us to copy it onto millions of plastic disks and transport it all around the world, where it will be reproduced exactly each time it is played. But how can mathematics define how the music makes us feel? The external mathematical definition of the soul does not and never can express what it’s like to be a soul, how it feels, how it’s experienced, what the
inner nature of the soul is; its moral content. Mysticism, esotericism, intuition, insight, the inner eye, and, above all, Gnosticism, can all help here. Even so, just as there would be no Moonlight Sonata without mathematics, nor could the soul exist without mathematics. The mathematical and scientific nature of the soul must be addressed by any credible religion. Any religion that cannot do so must be rejected as false. In fact, Einstein’s special theory of relativity, Minkowski’s 4D spacetime, and Quantum Mechanics, provide the ideal modern framework in which to define the soul (as demonstrated by other books in this series). And at the heart of all of these stands none other than Pythagoras’ Theorem, known to every schoolchild. You will not find any religion other than Illumination that can describe the science and mathematics of the soul. All other
religions are fake and phoney, particularly the ludicrous Abrahamic faiths which directly contradict science and hence are simply unbelievable. These infantile religions must be consigned to the oblivion they deserve.
Plato’s famous Academy, and Aristotle’s Lyceum, the templates for modern universities, were based on Pythagoras’s Illuminati school of mathematics, science, philosophy, religion and esoteric knowledge at Croton in Italy. Thus, in a sense, the whole education system enjoyed by the world today is in debt to the Illuminati. Yet if humanity is to fulfil its divine potential, the education system needs to be vastly more like Pythagoras’ original mystery school and much less like the modern sausage factories of today’s mass produced education.

The Enigma Of Time



What are the implications of “seeing the future”? If even one second of the future can be said to exist then there is no sufficient reason to deny that the whole of the future already exists. Moreover, this would have been true at any instant in the past. In other words, if the future already exists then there is no such thing as past, present and future and there is no such thing as becoming; everything has already become. Indeed, that has always been true. It is a return to the position of Parmenides that all change is illusory. Strangely, a number of modern philosophers and scientists subscribe to this position. Consider these quotations by Einstein:

1)    “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

2)    Since there exist in this four-dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent “now” objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

3)    Time is only an illusion. The existence of the future follows from Minkowski`s World of space-time.

4)    There is no difference between the past and the future in the 4-dimensional space-time-world. The present is only an illusion.

If Einstein is right (and many physicists share his views although they are completely unable to address the philosophical consequences), then our lives are futile, pointless, and incomprehensible. We have no free will, there is no evolution or becoming, and everything has already happened and is cast in stone.

Michael Talbot, in The Holographic Universe, wrote: “[Loye] believes that reality is a giant hologram, and in it the past, present, and future are indeed fixed, at least up to a point. The rub is that it is not the only hologram. There are many such holographic entities floating in the timeless and spaceless waters of the implicate [universe], jostling and swimming around one another like so may amoebas. ‘Such holographic worlds could also be visualized as parallel worlds, parallel universes,’ says Loye. Thus, the future of any given holographic universe is predetermined, and when a person has a precognitive glimpse of the future, they are tuning into the future of that particular hologram only. But, like amoebas, these holograms also occasionally swallow and engulf each other, melding and bifurcating like the protoplasmic globs of energy that they really are. Sometimes these jostlings jolt us and are responsible for the premonitions that from time to time engulf us. And when we act upon a premonition and appear to alter the future, what we are really doing is leaping from one hologram to another. Loye calls these intra holographic leaps ‘hololeaps’ and feels that they are what provides us with out true capacity for both insight and freedom.”

In order to solve the problem of apparent precognition – seeing and knowing the future – such theories introduce even more severe problems. If there are infinite parallel worlds, and infinite versions of “me”, which is the real me? When I “hololeap” from one parallel world to another, all of my doppelgangers are presumably doing exactly the same. Could ten of us all hololeap to the same parallel world, the one that seems to have the best future? How would we all co-exist in the same world, or in the same mind? This type of thinking is absurd, incoherent and bordering on the crazy.

Let’s be clear. The future hasn’t happened. No one can see future events for the simple reason that they don’t exist yet. How can you “see” non-existence? Nor do we have multiple selves busily transferring consciousness from one parallel world to another.

Physicist David Bohm expressed a far more sensible and logic alternative: “When people dream of accidents correctly and do not take the plane or ship, it is not the actual future that they were seeing. It was merely something in the present which is implicate and moving toward making that future. In fact, the future they saw differed from the actual future because they altered it. Therefore I think it’s more plausible to say that, if these phenomena exist, there’s an anticipation of the future in the implicate order in the present. As they used to say, coming events cast their shadow in the present. Their shadows are being cast deep in the implicate order.”

In 1966 in Wales, a terrible disaster occurred in the mining village of Aberfan. 116 children died when a mountain of coal waste slipped, engulfing the nearby school. Apparently people all over Britain, and indeed in the wider world, had dreamt of the catastrophe. The first dreams began weeks earlier, and occurred with greater frequency in the lead up to the accident. Physicist Gerald Feinberg attempted to account for the Aberfan precognitions by saying that anyone who read a newspaper in the aftermath of the disaster could have ‘produced a trace in his brain which went back before it happened, so that he could remember it before it took place.’

However, if this outlandish suggestion were accurate, why didn’t it apply to every other great disaster, particularly earthquakes and tsunamis which have killed hundreds of thousands, and, above all, to 9/11, the most publicized disaster in history?

Bohm was correct when he said, “There’s an anticipation of the future in the implicate order in the present.” The Aberfan situation was all too predictable. The coal waste had become the equivalent of snow, ready to create an avalanche. There may have been several small slippages previously. Someone in the village may have subconsciously predicted what was coming. Their subconscious became more insistent, flooding their dreams with dark images and forebodings. Others then tuned into that person’s powerful dreams via the interconnected r = 0 domain. A “dream contagion” erupted. Sensitive dreamers all over the world started to have similar dreams. But none of it was precognition; it was all prediction. Earthquakes and tsunamis are of course much harder to predict, and 9/11 was a complete surprise to everyone other than those that planned it.

As for the “chair test”, here is an entirely different interpretation that is remarkable in its own right but involves no precognition.

Step 1) The psychic practitioner tunes into the r = 0 domain where all mental phenomena are interconnected.

Step 2) He makes a connection with the mind of the experimenter and extracts all of the data present in the experimenter’s thoughts concerning the forthcoming event.

Step 3) He scans the r = 0 domain for anyone whose thoughts contain information about the same event.

Step 4) When he locates a “match”, he then places the seat number in the person’s mind as a subconscious suggestion.

Step 5) The person goes to the event, and when he arrives in the auditorium, his subconscious prompts him to seek the chair number that has already been implanted in his subconscious.

Step 6) The person sits in the chair, the experimenter notes the person’s description and realizes to his astonishment that the description exactly matches the one provided earlier by the psychic. He concludes that the psychic has seen the future.

Of course, the psychic didn’t see the future: he constructed it, using information and processes available to him (and indeed everyone else) via the r = 0 domain.

The Power of the Subconscious

British illusionist Derren Brown, who does not accept the existence of paranormal phenomena of any kind, frequently uses subconscious suggestion in his act. A typical stunt he might perform is to draw a picture of a circle, place it in an envelope, seal it and then ask someone to “read his mind” and draw the picture he placed inside the envelope. However, he has pre-prepared the environment in which the performance is taking place. It is full of circular motifs and designs. When he speaks to the person whom he wishes to “mind read” he makes subtle circular gestures with his hands while he’s speaking, and he subtly drops in references to circles. He might draw a circle in the air as he says to the other person, “Look into my eyes. Let your thoughts go round and round. Concentrate on my thoughts. See the image in my mind. Keep going round and round, making smaller and smaller circles until you focus directly on the object I drew on the paper.”

He has used verbal and visual cues to prime the other person’s subconscious. The other person will definitely draw a picture of a circle because his subconscious is now full of that image. Nothing paranormal has happened. The person’s subconscious has been manipulated, that’s all. It happens to us all the time. Advertising is based on the manipulation of our subconscious.

Try it for yourself. Get a friend to come round to your house for a “telepathy” experiment. Their task is to guess five objects that you will, allegedly, mentally project at them, and which you have written down, placed in an envelope and given to them to hold. In fact, you will prime their subconscious beforehand. Choose a geometric shape (a square, say) a fruit (e.g. an orange), a number (e.g. 7), an animal (e.g. a lion) and a celebrity (e.g. Britney Spears). Seed the room with various items and clues that would be suggestive of the five objects. Seed your comments with subtle references to the chosen objects. If you perform the task with anything like the skill of Derren Brown, your friend will correctly “guess” all five items and be suitably amazed. Of course, there’s no magic involved – just the priming of the pre-conscious mind.

Derren Brown’s stunts are an example of local “psychic” priming i.e. clues in the local physical environment are used to prime the subject’s psyche to obtain the desired result.

But we are saying that non-local psychic priming is also possible, where one person, via the r = 0 domain, is able to directly prime the pre-conscious mind of another, as in the chair test.

It may be the case that many human beings once had non-local psychic abilities, but such people would, in past ages, have been those most likely to be accused of witchcraft and black magic, persecuted and killed. The genes for “psychic” powers would not have flourished in the gene pool thanks to religious fanaticism and fear of anything different. How many so-called witches were actually just psychically gifted women?

The sad reality is that humanity operates at a low level of consciousness. We are preoccupied with the basics of life: food, drink, shelter, sex, family, relationships, friendship, job, entertainment, being “acceptable”. Our spirituality is close to zero. Most of us accept the “system” – the means by which the Elite control us. Most of us have no grand vision of human potential. We don’t spend much time thinking about politics, philosophy or religion. We accept whatever our parents and the leaders of society put in front of us. We don’t ask questions, we don’t challenge authority, we don’t demand real change.

We’re lazy, apathetic and we pursue the path of least resistance. In truth, we are not really awake. We go through life on a sort of autopilot that is highly successful at addressing our petty basic needs but useless at raising and expanding our consciousness. The mindset the human autopilot generates is a barrier to enlightenment. Our Higher Self, our connection to the divine aspect of the universe, is as far away and hidden from us as ever. Our human Autopilot couldn’t care less about making us divine: it would much rather post pictures on Facebook, crack bad jokes and contemplate Megan Fox.

Even though the world contains innumerable wonders, the vast majority of us still manage to be thoroughly bored much of the time. We live a robotic existence far below our true potential. Quite simply, there is something wrong with our consciousness. It fails to link with our higher capabilities. Only rarely do we feel truly energized, and often its with the help of mind-altering drugs – shouldn’t we be trying to be energized all of the time, without any drugs?

We have to upgrade our consciousness, banish the Autopilot that makes us plod through life like the undead. Perhaps instead of making movies about robots developing human consciousness, we should concentrate on why so many humans have developed a robot “consciousness”.

If we want to escape from our zombie, autopilot lives, we have to break down all of the rituals, routines and conventions of our everyday existence. Once you start to challenge everything you have been told by “society”, you start to feel a tremendous surge of energy. You see immense possibilities opening for the whole of humanity. This website contains many articles challenging all of the conventional wisdom of our world. It provides a wide-ranging set of techniques for analyzing the lies fed to us by the Elite. It’s possible to deconstruct everything they say and expose their sinister underlying agenda. Anyone who takes onboard the philosophy espoused by this website will never again be fooled by the Elite. This site is the antidote to Autopilot Humanity.

A fully awake humanity would be a cosmic glory. We can get there if we reject all of those who want us to stay asleep forever. Above all, the Elite do not want us to wake up because that would mean the end of their dominion over us, so they give us soporifics, sedatives and narcotics to keep us asleep.

The Illuminati often refer to the concept of Diabolus est Deus Inversus: The Devil is God Reversed. The Elite have set themselves up as God, but they are in fact the diabolic reverse – the Devil. They follow the example of the Demiurge who believes himself to be God but is the dialectical opposite. Humanity cannot awake from its slumbers until it learns to understand that most of those who wear the mantle of the divine are much more interested in making themselves kings of the world. If humanity’s rulers are enormously and obscenely wealthier than those they rule, shouldn’t the obvious conclusion be drawn? – that they are using their power to enrich themselves, not to enrich humanity. Everything they say is a lie. Everything they say should be reversed. Humanity’s rulers should never be excessively wealthy. That should be the Law.

Riemann Reality

Have another look at the Riemann sphere since it provides a good conceptual model for thinking about paranormal phenomena.

Imagine the north pole of the Riemann sphere to be the r = 0 dimensionless point, the Singularity. This is the Universal Mind outside space and time. But then imagine the Riemann sphere itself as a projection of the Mind Singularity, a “virtual” mind that can be portrayed as an enfolded dimensional entity sitting on top of an unfolded 2-D plane (as a simplified representation of the physical universe).

Imagine that we are objects on the 2-D plane and that we are linked to the Mind Singularity via a narrow “thought cone” (a straight line, initially) running straight through the virtual mind. This represents the mental connection between ourselves (in the physical universe) and the Universal Mind. It is our consciousness. Our unconscious is the rest of the sphere. In other words, our consciousness and our unconscious together compose the entire sphere, the whole virtual mind – the Mind of God.

The more we illuminate our unconscious mind, the closer we get to God. If we could illuminate our entire unconscious we would become God. Gnosis is defined as the point of “no return”: our human consciousness has expanded to the point at which, in one wondrous instant, we suddenly “get it”, we get everything. All of the remaining unconscious material is instantly absorbed. Our mind has gone critical, like a fission reactor. A chain reaction is initiated that instantaneously bridges the gap between mortal and divine mind in one immense and irreversible mental “explosion” of enlightenment. The darkness of our ignorance is swept away in an overwhelming flash of illumination, like the moment of Biblical Creation: Let there be Light! It is our individual Omega Point, where we have traversed the path of knowledge from Alpha (human) to Omega (divine).

The path of “faith” is a false trail laid by the Demiurge to ensure that we never reach the true path of knowledge. Hasn’t it always been obvious? – those who walk the path of faith are blind, ignorant fanatics. They think that one ancient book can “save” them. If I wanted to keep the human population permanently ignorant, what would I do? I would give them a single book that contained no knowledge and I would tell them that it was the infallible Word of God and that to disobey a single word was to court eternal damnation. Generation after generation would read this dumb, worthless book and learn nothing, “see” nothing and never advance towards divinity. They would be my permanent slaves.

That book has already been written. It comes with three names: the Torah, the Bible, the Koran. It is the Word of Satan. You could not be further removed from enlightenment if you fall under the spell of the Demiurge’s magnum opus, the Book of Lies.

Although our “thought cone” of consciousness is, for the vast majority of us in our normal lives, restricted to inside our own head, it is always accompanied by a “aureole” i.e. we all have access to an area around us that we can tune into; we can widen our thought cone to enter the minds of everything in our local vicinity. How do we become aware that someone nearby is staring at us? Without raising our head to look, we are suddenly seized by a sense that someone is studying us intently. We look up and, sure enough, we catch someone staring.

How could we possibly have known they were looking? It’s because they have entered our mental space. They have mentally tapped us on the shoulder, so to speak. Their aureole has overlapped with ours. They are not doing anything sophisticated such as reading our thoughts. But they could if they put their mind to it. That’s what an intuitive person does; he scans the other person’s thoughts and rapidly acquires the “big picture” of who they are. He learns details of certain important events in their lives that dominate their consciousness. It comes to him effortlessly. He barely knows he’s doing it.

Here is an example of two friends with a straightforward psychic connection i.e. they can make their mental aureoles overlap and thus see into each other’s minds via the r = 0 domain.

“CS” said,

“A friend and I decided to test our ‘psychic link’ and wished to find out if we could communicate an object to each other with no words whatsoever. We were aware of how easy it would be to manipulate each other with words or actions so to make this experiment controlled, we used neither.

I proceeded to think of something and when I had, I told her I was ready and I held the picture of that object in my head. At this stage I will tell you that I was thinking of a pineapple plant. We spent 5-10 minutes in silence with each other, me holding this pineapple plant image in my head and her attempting to ‘see it’.

Now the very fact is, after about 10 mins she asked if it was a spider-plant and I said no. She asked if it was a yukka plant and I said no. Then she just sat back exasperated and said, ‘Well I don’t know what it is. All I can see is this spiky green plant but I don’t know what it is or what it is called!’ Now I had not thought about this at all. I know what a pineapple plant looks like having grown them in the tropics, however my friend has never seen a pineapple plant and when she got this ‘mental picture’ she had no word to describe what she was ‘seeing’ because she had never seen a pineapple plant before.

So in this experiment, I did not use any words whatsoever to ‘manipulate’ my friend’s ability to ‘see’ what I was thinking. In fact this experiment was a real diamond because it didn’t even occur to me that she would not know the name of the plant she was ‘seeing’. She saw this spiky plant, gave me some names of spiky plants she knew but of course did not come up with the name of this plant because she had never seen one before, she didn’t even know how pineapples grow (most UK residents don’t of course, we don’t grow them!).”

Now, the fact that the person “seeing” the image wasn’t able to identify it as a pineapple plant is interesting because, of course, if you can see an image in another person’s mind why not also the word or name that goes with it? The answer is that mental images are predominantly right brain while words and language are predominantly left brain. The right brain is much easier to link to in the r = 0 domain than the left brain. The stronger the psychic link, the better able the person is at linking to both hemispheres of the brain, and getting words and images.

An expert psychic can mind read over long distances and on a highly sophisticated basis. He can “read” people half a world away. He is able to extend the aureole of his thought cone to cover them and establish a powerful mental connection that gives full access to their thoughts. Such people are exceptionally rare.

Others who are likely to be able to establish strong remote connections are lovers, parents and their children, siblings and, especially, identical twins. Such connections will be even more likely in times of great stress and crisis when the unconscious dramatically opens up to signal extreme distress.

Seeing the Future

Consider another example of supposed precognition, formulated by Dr Dean Radin, which involves randomly showing either ‘calm’ or emotionally charged pictures to a subject.

The subject presses a mouse button, causing a computer to randomly select a photo from a large collection of emotionally significant and emotionally neutral photos, but, for five seconds, it shows only a blank screen. Then the selected photo is shown for three seconds before again being replaced by a blank screen for five seconds, and then a rest period of a further five seconds before the whole process begins again. The subject is wired up to record her physiological responses.

What Radin discovered was that the subject reacted strongly to emotionally charged pictures before they were displayed. How could the subject know that an emotional picture was about to be shown rather than a calm one? Only, Radin reasoned, if the subject had foreknowledge.

Once again, this interpretation is erroneous. The experimental set-up ensures that the selected photo is ready to be displayed a full five seconds before it actually is. The photo is within the subject’s mental aureole during that time and all the information it contains is already available to the subject via the non-local r = 0 domain. In other words, the subject isn’t seeing the future but reacting to knowledge of the present. The subject has already “seen” the picture by the time it is formally displayed, so her prior emotional response is in no way surprising.

These examples show the power of the r = 0 domain. It provides the solutions for otherwise baffling phenomena.

We received a message a few weeks ago from someone who had just read the article entitled The Celestial Human.

He said, “I read the latest article this morning. From the bottom of my heart, something weird happened yesterday in relation to it. It made me compelled to try and get your opinion on it, something that I would have entirely dismissed on scientific grounds before.

I was sitting in my back garden, thinking about the implications of Illumination, as has dominated every second of thinking time for the last couple of weeks. The sun was directly in my face and as I sat there, I noticed out of the corner of my eye those tiny raindrop-like multicoloured balls of light reflecting off the tips of my eyelashes.

I started staring at the little orbs of light, admiring the spectrum of colours. At this point, I was in a sort of inanimate, trance like state. I was aware of this though, I was conscious of the fact I could snap myself out of it at any time, so it wasn’t similar to meditation or anything, simply deep in thought, concentrating intensely on the balls of light.

Now can I just say at this point, I would normally attribute the following to some sort of scientific reasoning, whereby some sort of trick of the light and my eyes combine to give the effect I experienced. However I am neither scientist nor Illuminatus, so I have little specific information on which to draw to make sense of what I saw.

As I concentrated on the light, forcing my eyes to stare at it, a feeling which I can only describe as my eyes ‘ glossing over ‘ happened. The longer I stared, there was stuff kind of ‘formulating inside’ the light, yet it was entirely independent to it. It’s so hard to describe, but I’ll do my best. It felt like it was constantly there, I just had to ‘look’ hard to actually see it. I could see the grass behind these strange transparent images in the light, but was fully concentrating on them.

It’s like transparent film of gray coloured stringy blobs, that looks similar to bacteria when magnified, gliding around smoothly like its sitting on a surface of water. The blobs, the more you look at them, resemble infinitely complicated hieroglyphics, although they are more similar to crazy, random blobs of bacteria. This sheet of ‘hieroglyphics’ moves with my eyes, but independently when I concentrate on a fixed point, washing around the point my eyes are focused on.

I have experienced this weird stringy blob stuff gliding in my vision before now, but never made an effort to concentrate on it, never have actually been in a situation where I could concentrate on a ‘fixed blob of light’, like I was yesterday.

The longer I stared, now totally transfixed by this weird substance, I realised there were sometimes one, sometimes several, ‘eyes’ moving around in the sea of hieroglyphics. They are different to the other, grey stingy blob stuff though, they had CLEAR black pupils and a black outside rim, total blocks of solid colour, with grey where the white would be, a definite image (which made me think there is more to it than reflections in my eye). They were perfect circles, so it couldn’t possibly have been a reflection of my own pupil, I don’t think.

I stared at this weird sea of stuff for ages, stared at the eyes flitting about with the mad shapes and patterns the blob stuff made. The eyes were actually ‘fixed’ into points of the blob stuff, they were moving with the substance, in a set place, yet looked out of place, sharp, clear and contrastual to the nondescript, gray, transparent moving sheet of ‘bacteria’ like stuff.

When I returned to my room inside my house, I walked in and on itunes, out of 3165 songs, ‘ The Matrix ‘ by oxide and neutrino was playing about a minute through. The first thing I heard on walking in was the part in the song, where it says: ‘ free your mind ‘ in a soulful voice and consequently quotes the bit from the Matrix where the little girl says, ‘ it is us that bends, not the spoon ‘ before the song drops into drum and base. Now I would have viewed that as PURE coincidence a few weeks ago, now I’m not sure, but i still feel like an idiot for even considering the possibility that it was no accident.

After I read your article today, and saw the picture of the ‘god particle’ at the end, that so closely resembled the eye shapes which I can see in the light, I had to contact you and ask.

As I’m sure you know, I am an skeptical person, and I still can’t entirely accept that everything said by you guys is true, because I haven’t seen the proof; despite how good, cohesive and rational it sounds in theory. I’m sure you accept that, I think it’s a reasonable outlook, faith gets you nowhere.

However, the events of yesterday were strange and I think significant after seeing the article today. I mean, what are the chances even of that experience yesterday happening, and then you release that article detailing an image of the god particle the very next morning?

I don’t know what to make of what I saw. If it’s sunny today, I’m going to try and concentrate on the light and find that weird sea of stuff again so I can concentrate even better. This is about as close to ‘paranormal’ as I’ve ever got, yet could be something very simply explained, I just don’t know.

I have attached pictures of the ‘eyes’ that I saw, to help you see the similarity between it and the particle, and an image of bacteria to display what the grey substance resembles.

Instinct tells me it’s something to do with your ‘god particle’, the light, red and blue, but at the moment they are all separate theories that do not connect in my own head, pieces of a jigsaw.

I might be totally wrong, a wandering fool in the desert of knowledge, but all I can do is keep walking.

Let’s highlight a couple of points here:

1)    When I returned to my room inside my house, I walked in and on itunes, out of 3165 songs, ‘ The Matrix ‘ by oxide and neutrino was playing about a minute through. The first thing I heard on walking in was the part in the song, where it says: ‘ free your mind ‘ in a soulful voice and consequently quotes the bit from the Matrix where the little girl says, ‘ it is us that bends, not the spoon ‘ before the song drops into drum and base. Now I would have viewed that as PURE coincidence a few weeks ago, now I’m not sure, but i still feel like an idiot for even considering the possibility that it was no accident.

This is no coincidence. His subconscious was aware that this tune was playing, and actually timed his return so that he would enter the house at precisely the right moment to hear the quote from The Matrix. His subconscious is actually prompting him to be less skeptical – to open his mind. And it worked!

2)    However, the events of yesterday were strange and I think significant after seeing the article today. I mean, what are the chances even of that experience yesterday happening, and then you release that article detailing an image of the god particle the very next morning?

The chances are close to zero. Because he was concentrating so hard on the subject of Illumination, he had actually managed to tune into the thoughts of the Illuminatus preparing the latest article. At the forefront of the mind of the Illuminatus was the image of the “God Particle” – the Monad, the small black circle at the centre of a large white circle, reminiscent of the pupil of the eye. It is with that profound image that the article concludes. It is one of the most revered and potent images used by the Illuminati.

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious. We encourage people to try to find a “rational”, skeptical explanation of strange phenomena that they encounter. But if you have run out of conventional options, do not turn away from an underlying, more mysterious, deeper rationality – that, ultimately, of the Mind of God.

The Akashic Record

In esoteric circles, mention is often made of the “Akashic record”. This is a repository of everything that has ever happened, and which the most gifted psychics are said to be able to access: they are able to “read” this record and obtain information about the past that is not available from any other source. The Illuminati identify it with the r = 0 domain, the Cosmic Mind and its associated cosmic memory.

Zombie Humanity

One of the most remarkable books ever written is one to which we have referred previously in our article The Right Brain God. The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes asserts that consciousness is based on language and hence, before the existence of language, there was no such thing as consciousness! We do not typically consider non-human animals (none of which has anything that we would describe as a formal language) as conscious in any meaningful way. Nor can human babies be considered conscious before they learn language (hence why we have no conscious memories of being babies). If you want to know what an animal’s mind is like then simply ponder a newly born baby’s mind. The baby does things, and seems curious and so on, yet nothing conscious is taking place in its mind. Pure instinct is in control.

Jaynes probably wasn’t aware that his hypothesis was proposed by Friedrich Nietzsche long before. Nietzsche argued that consciousness is proportionate to the capacity for communication, which in turn is proportionate to the need for communication. “Consciousness is really only a net of communication between human beings; it is only as such that it had to develop; a solitary human being who lived like a beast of prey would not have needed it…In brief, the development of language and the development of consciousness go hand in hand…It was only as a social animal that man acquired self-consciousness – which he is still in the process of doing, more and more.”

Hegel was the first to understand that self-consciousness – the ability to reflect on one’s own consciousness – could only arise from the interaction of at least two separate consciousnesses. Nietzsche realized that communication was therefore necessary between the two consciousnesses, and communication relies on some kind of language common to both consciousnesses.

Jaynes argued that civilization and consciousness are linked. Increasing civilization implies increased communication, hence increased sophistication of language. As language grows more complex, so does consciousness. But given that human language is now largely fixed, language can no longer offer any increase in human consciousness. Now the task of humanity is to throw light on the vast unconscious and bring it into consciousness. That is an entirely different endeavour from learning language. It requires a different society and mindset. It needs a Spiritual Humanity, a Humanity of the Psyche, rather than a consumerist and materialistic humanity where consciousness revolves around satisfying petty needs of survival and comfort.

Before the advent of language, humans were not introspective and self-reflective. They did not plan, they simply acted. Jaynes’s radical hypothesis is that they were told what to do by the “gods”. They heard voices in their heads giving them simple, forceful orders: do this, do that, do the other. This, Jaynes suggested, is the same mechanism that underlies the “voices” heard by mystics such as Joan of Arc and by epileptics and schizophrenics. He said that the “gods” were what we now refer to as hallucinations. It has been suggested that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed may have heard such voices in their heads and wrongly attributed them to God.

Jaynes proposed that pre-conscious humanity was guided by what he called the bicameral mind. Bicameral means “two-chambered” and refers to the fact that the human brain is divided into two hemispheres. Jaynes argued that human nature was “split in two, an executive part called a god, and a follower part called a man. Neither part was conscious.” This bicameral mind was most evident and effective in times of stress.

Jaynes asserted that schizophrenia can be considered “a vestige of bicamerality, a relapse to the bicameral mind.” There was a time therefore when all human beings were effectively schizophrenic, but because this was “normal” it wasn’t a problem.

Jaynes said, “Another advantage of schizophrenia, perhaps evolutionary, is tirelessness…they show less fatigue than normal persons and are capable of tremendous feats of endurance…They may move about day and night, or work endlessly without any sign of being tired…This suggests that much fatigue is a product of the subjective conscious mind, and that bicameral man, building the pyramids of Egypt, the ziggurats of Sumer, or the gigantic temples at Teotihuacan with only hand labor, could do so far more easily than could conscious self-reflective men…A further thing that schizophrenics do ‘better’ than the rest of us…is simple sensory perception. They are more alert to visual stimuli…Indeed, schizophrenics are almost drowning in sensory data.”

The extraordinary implication of this statement is that if we could switch off our consciousness, we would massively increase our physical capabilities.

On the subject of modern schizophrenia, Jaynes concluded, “In effect, [the schizophrenic] is a mind bared to his environment, waiting on gods in a godless world.”

Jaynes also made the remarkable suggestion that we are inclined to seek gods in order that they can give us orders and remove from us the responsibility for taking decisions. This is why we are obsessed with the “successful”: with the super-rich, celebrities, the leaders of society. They are the “gods” we lost when the bicameral mind eventually broke down and was replaced by consciousness. Deep down, we have a craving for the inner voice of the gods to command us. In other words, not only are we NOT expanding our consciousness, many of us actually have a strong desire to become LESS conscious and revert to our bicameral heritage. That is exactly what the Elite desire. They want to be the gods whose orders we slavishly obey. They are the executives and we are the followers. They are the masters and we the slaves. That is how our society is configured: a power hierarchy, a status tree. Make no mistake, to address this we seek the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the Elite. That means dismantling all of the power structures that rule our society. Privilege would be abolished instantly. The ability of anyone to acquire massive wealth and power would be abolished. Any mechanism that allows any person to wear the mantle of a king of the world would be abolished.

The Illuminati are in the business of expanding human consciousness to divine levels and that necessitates the elimination of the bicameral tendency in humanity i.e. the desire to be dictated to by others. No human who wants to become God can have any desire to slavishly obey any other person. The Illuminati seek to build a community of gods where none command and none obey, where the community cooperates intelligently for the good of all and to the harm of none. We promote independence of mind and self-sufficiency so that no one is reliant on others.

Kings and queens, princes and princesses, aristocrats and nobles, lords and ladies, privileged dynastic families, presidents and prime ministers, generals and admirals, chief executives and directors – all of the people who comprise the Elite – they reflect the bicameral past of humanity. It is time we moved into the future. Power structures and status trees are an offence to humanity and must be dismantled. Humanity cannot reach its full potential until it has got rid of these false gods.

As Jaynes pointed out, speech areas are all located in the left hemisphere of the brain (for right-handed people). He said, “The language of men was involved with only one hemisphere to leave the other free for the language of gods.” He asked the question, “Is it possible to think of the two hemispheres of the brain almost as two individuals, only one of which can speak, while both can listen and both understand?”

He suggested that the human fascination with idols originates in their ability to help us to hallucinate the voices of the gods i.e. if the gods were silent we could encourage them to speak by appealing to the statues and idols of them that we had constructed.

Jaynes said, “Hesiod speaks of a golden race of men who preceded his own generation and became the ‘holy demons upon the earth, beneficent, averters of ills, guardians of mortal men.'”

In the bicameral age, the “gods” authorized our actions. Now we must authorize them ourselves.

Jaynes argued that our religious inclinations are a direct result of our bicameral heritage. How else to characterize the voices in our heads as anything other than gods? And, in the modern age, to hear voices is to suffer from schizophrenia.

Schizophrenics are said to describe feelings of being at one with the entire universe, where all boundaries between themselves and others have collapsed, but that leads them to think that their thoughts are no longer private, and nor are anyone else’s: everyone can read everyone else’s mind. Time crumbles. Schizophrenics behave without conscious awareness. Their mental space starts to vanish. This is exactly what would happen in the r = 0 domain if no one could protect their “private space” with appropriate boundaries. Arguably, consciousness itself, the human “reducing valve”, is our primary mechanism for building a private space that, in normal circumstances, is ours alone.

Schizophrenics hear voices of impelling importance criticizing them and telling them what to do. In a way, it’s the equivalent of Freud’s stern Superego vocalizing itself, and always finding fault. The Superego could be said to be a vestige of the old gods.

People on the autistic spectrum also have an inability to understand that their thoughts are private. They don’t attribute separate minds to others. They struggle to accept that they themselves have separate minds.

It is possible that bicameral humanity resembled an ant colony. A guiding intelligence (taking the role of the Queen in an ant colony) sent out messages to all of the people who carried out their roles like worker and soldier ants, doing whatever was necessary for the good of the community. They had very little initiative or sense of self. A whole tribe in primeval times could have been organized in this way. The people were easily led, docile, submissive and looking for powerful figures to provide leadership. So, what’s new? The Elite rely on this primal mentality that leaves so many people incapable of resisting them.

Many people are addicted to being led. It is an addiction that must be overcome if there is to be a society of gods i.e. humanity at it finest, noblest, best. No one should ever kowtow to another, bend a knee or kiss a ring. The days of authoritarian societies, of pyramid structures and power hierarchies are drawing to an end. Do we accept human equality, or don’t we? It’s a very simple question. If we do then there is no room for any sort of enshrined Elite. Everyone on earth has to be given a proper chance to rise as high as their natural abilities can take them. For that to be possible, the whole panoply of privilege in which our world has been disastrously enmeshed must be abolished. There must be an unprecedented redistribution of wealth from the Elite to the people, and no one ever again should be allowed to commandeer disproportionate assets. That is the gospel of the Illuminati, of meritocracy.

The world could change forever in the next second if everyone everywhere simply woke up and said, “WTF!!…why am I participating in a system that allows stock market speculators who are destabilizing the global economy to take home a billion dollars a year and become the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world?” We could stop this farce at any time if we had the guts. But who does? We could stop the super rich in an instant. We could make excessive wealth illegal. Why don’t we? Because we are the puppets of the super rich and we’re scared of them. We let them set the agenda. We allow ourselves to be victims.

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is an extraordinary condition in which two or more distinct personalities can be present in a single body. This can again be considered a throwback to our bicameral past. Then, we could be said to have two personalities inside us: the god who commanded and the human who obeyed. Someone suffering from MPD might perhaps tune into the r = 0 domain, where all the thoughts and personalities of humanity intersect and intertwine, and choose one or more personalities that suit their particular psychological needs. The other possibility is that they “resurrect” personalities they had in former lives to become their cast of guiding personalities.

It has been observed that each unique MPD personality has a different brainwave pattern. Each personality has its own name, age, talents, memories, gender, race, intelligence, handwriting, language abilities etc.

The phenomenon of the lynch mob, of hysterical crowds, of intoxicated audiences at gigs, sports events, political rallies could be interpreted as bicameral in nature: one person or a small group of people (the “gods”) lead, and everyone else, with unswerving devotion, follows. People are prone to emotional contagion. They can be “infected” by others and swept up into a state nothing like their “normal” selves. Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany had an uncanny gift for making the people bend to his will. He became the embodied Will of the German people. Such spellbinding orators can prove to be gods or devils.

Given that our conscious minds are embedded in the “physical consciousness” of the r > 0 domain, our best chance of having experiences in the r = 0 domain is when we disengage from normal mental states, such as in dreams or meditation, after extreme exertion or stress, after taking certain drugs etc.

In ancient Greece, paranoia (from para & nous) meant, literally, having another’s mind alongside one’s own. It represented a deterioration of consciousness. People did not think for themselves. Rather, thoughts were given to them.

Hypnosis, Consciousness and Gods

Jaynes accounted for hypnosis on the basis that it “engages the general bicameral paradigm which allows a more absolute control over behaviour than is possible with consciousness.”

In other words, hypnosis – always performed by a dominant person who puts the submissive subject “under” – is a return to bicamerality. The person hears the orders of the “god” and carries them out unquestioningly. The hypnotist has taken the place of the ancient gods who spoke to bicameral humans. When we watch a hypnosis show, we are going back in time thousands of years and seeing how our ancestors behaved. Jaynes says, “The more godlike the operator is to the subject, the more easily is the bicameral paradigm activated.”

It is virtually impossible to hypnotize a dominant person, or someone with a very highly developed left-hemisphere brain (a scientist or engineer, for example). Those who are most easily hypnotized are submissives. They are highly suggestible and looking to be dominated.

Ours is an astonishingly submissive culture. Most people are sheep wanting to be led. The Elite encourage the flocking and herding tendencies of the submissive masses. They want a docile, unquestioning population, and they have achieved it. To those of us who are not submissive, phenomena such as celebrity culture are almost incomprehensible. Why would anyone choose to worship another human being? Why would people mould their appearance, mannerisms and the clothes they wear to make themselves more like a celebrity? These are the actions of low self-esteem submissives. It is imperative to enhance the self-esteem of submissives so that they are no longer in thrall to the dominant in society. Submissives desire authoritarian societies. They must be weaned away from their desire to be controlled.

One of the primary reasons for the existence of the Elite is that they fill the bicameral gap. Many people see it as “natural” that there should be strong leaders who help themselves to wealth and power. To create a New World Order, the vestigial submissiveness of so many people has to be addressed. Islam, one of the world’s major religions, is actually based on the concept of submission. It’s what the word means. How could any dominant person ever subscribe to such a weak and feeble religion that demands that people spend their lives on their knees? No dominant person would ever become a Muslim. Even more than Christianity, Islam is a religion for slaves. It’s practically incomprehensible that so many African Americans chose to embrace Islam.

All of the Abrahamic faiths appeal to the submissive. The submissive adore these religions because they love to hear the voice of an authoritarian dictator and tyrant. Why was Adolf Hitler so successful in Nazi Germany? Precisely because he, an utterly dominant individual, made himself a Man-God and all the submissive masses succumbed to his spell. They wanted to be told what to do, to be told whom to love and whom to hate. Women, in particular, were besotted with Hitler. He gave them all the answers. He was masculinity made flesh. He was domination come to life.

Jaynes gives an astonishingly original analysis of the phenomenon of Jesus Christ: “At almost the same time that Iamblichus was teaching the induction of gods into statues, or young illiterate katochoi to ‘participate’ in divinity and have ‘a common energy’ with a god, Athanasius, the competitive Bishop of Alexandria, began by claiming the same thing for the illiterate Jesus. The Christian Messiah had heretofore been regarded as like Yahweh, a demi-god perhaps, half human, half divine, reflecting his supposed parentage. But Athanasius persuaded Constantine, his Council of Nicaea, and most of Christianity thereafter, that Jesusparticipated in Yahweh, was the same substance, the Bicameral Word made Flesh. I think we can say then that the growing church, in danger of shattering into sects, exaggerated the subjective phenomenon of possession into an objective theological dogma. It did so to assert an even greater claim to an absolute authorization. For Athanasian Christians the actual gods had indeed returned to earth and would return again.”

To destroy the Abrahamic faiths it is necessary to eliminate the weakness and submissiveness that afflicts so many people. As Jaynes said, “Why is it that in our daily lives we cannot get up above ourselves to authorize ourselves into being what we really wish to be?”

Music and poetry are right-brain functions and are strongly related to bicameralism, Jaynes said. So, is the power of music over us caused by its weakening effect on the left-brain, and its enhancement of right-brain mysticism? Did people like Jim Morrison become genuine shamans on stage, channelling the r = 0 domain into our conscious lives?

The music of Pythagoras and his companions was famed for its entrancing power. Their instrument was the lyre. Jaynes said, “We thus have some ground for saying that the use of the lyre among early poets was to spread excitation to the divine speech centres.”

In demonic possession, the demon replaces the “god” as the voice being heard by the subject of the possession. In the rite of exorcism, the exorcist subsequently replaces the demon by providing a stronger bicameral voice.

Jaynes characterised Yahweh as a psychotic bicameral voice: “So [Yahweh] prefers Abel to Cain, slays Er, the first-born of Judah, having taken a dislike to him, tells Abraham to beget a son, and then later orders him to kill the son, even as criminal psychotics might be directed today. Similarly, the bicameral voice of Moses has a sudden impulse to kill him (Exodus 4:24) for no reason at all.”

Exodus 4:24-26: At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him. But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it. “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,” she said. So the LORD let him alone.

In this light, the Old Testament is quite literally the story of lunatics possessed by a deranged, psychotic voice. We call that voice the Demiurge: Yahweh, Satan. No sane person could associate that voice with anything other than psychosis. Yet this is supposedly the Word of God!!!!!

If it is true that we are actually more intelligent when we are possessed, what does that imply? It means we are channelling the infinite knowledge of the r = 0 domain.

The Historical Illuminati

In contemporary mythology, the Illuminati have been branded as the puppetmasters who stand behind the establishment, pulling the strings, orchestrating the enslavement of the people of the world. The opposite is true. The Illuminati have always led the resistance against the tyrants. On occasions, they have come tantalisingly close to success, but mostly they have endured catastrophic defeats. They have tried to infiltrate the establishment, tried Trojan Horse strategies, guerrilla tactics and popular uprisings, tried to win the intellectual and religious debate, tried to subvert and undermine the establishment. Most attempts have ended in disaster, with the establishment unmolested and more powerful than ever. But it is never acceptable to surrender or abandon the struggle.

Too many people retreat into their micro-worlds of petty comforts where they pose no threat to the establishment, and that’s exactly what the establishment desire – our compliance and obedience, our refusal to stand up to them. The game of the establishment is nothing new. It was explicitly set out in Machiavelli’s The Prince, which baldly states the unscrupulous principles of how those with power should hold onto it. Lying, cheating, brutality, cruelty, pitilessness, inspiring fear and terror, breaking solemn oaths, hypocrisy, greed, bribery and corruption, extermination of rivals, making pacts with your enemies only to break them when it suits you, are all advocated as necessary tools. This behaviour is still on display every day from every government on earth.

The Illuminati have had a number of guises in the public arena, have formed many alliances and have founded many groups that they have used for particular purposes in the ongoing struggle against tyranny. But the objective has always been the same – to destroy the Old World Order, the network of powerful dynastic families and privileged elites who have engineered earthly wealth and power for themselves, and to hell with everyone else. The Old World Order were the masters thousands of years ago and they are the masters now. They assiduously follow the advice of Machiavelli, but they didn’t need him to tell them the rules of the game. Machiavelli merely described what they had been doing for millennia.

Through every disaster, the OWO endure. Has the latest financial disaster dented their power? Not in the slightest. Nothing has changed. People talk about doing this and doing that against them, but in reality nothing happens. The system is locked down. It is impossible to change it within its own parameters. It is designed to be resistant to anything other than revolution, but there are few revolutionaries left in the world. The Old World Order’s system is close to perfection. It is a matrix of absolute control. Only a small number of people (some 6,000) run the world, yet they are backed up by all the agencies of oppression: the police, the military, the intelligence services, the law (designed, ultimately, to protect the assets of the rich). The billions of ordinary people in the world, who could SWEEP away tyranny in an instant, are too scared to fight back. They are cowed and docile. They are the “last men” to whom Nietzsche referred so derisively.

The Illuminati’s mission, in one sense, is to help last men regain their dignity, to throw off their chains and stand up straight for once. How is that to be done? By putting people in touch with their higher selves. When the divine spark is released in an individual, he no longer tolerates the condition of slavery, no longer mires himself in trivia and meaningless pursuits to pass the time. Above all things, the Old World Order fear what would happen if their manufactured mastery were challenged by legions of those who had found their higher selves and lost their fear. As will be shown below, many brave groups have resisted the OWO. The vastly more numerous forces of the OWO crushed them, but it will not always be so. “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”


There are several key ways for ordinary researchers to identify movements and groups from history that were linked to the Illuminati. The groups in question probably taught reincarnation; probably had an unusually strong message of freedom and equality directed at the least privileged strata of society; probably wished to remove power and wealth from the greedy and oppressive rulers of society; probably emphasised the “Holy Spirit”; and probably made claims that seemed astonishing and heretical to those brainwashed by revealed religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

These claims would often be perceived as self-exaltation to such a degree that it amounted to self-deification. “I am becoming God” sounds to some people like a crazy assertion, but the meaning behind such a claim was that the practitioners were asserting that they had made first contact with their higher self – with the divine spark, part of the divine order – and they could now start to partake of the divine i.e. they had attained the initial stage of godliness and could anticipate progression to full union. Revealed religions regard such claims as the greatest taboo whereas for mystery religions they are the supreme truth, the culmination of the personal quest for ultimate knowledge, for the Holy Grail itself.
Not all groups that taught messages of this kind were directly linked with the Illuminati. Some were imitating the Illuminati, based on second-hand knowledge and rumours, some were led by renegade Illuminists who had been expelled from the society for transgressions, and some inspirational leaders just happened to create religions and philosophies (usually in opposition to revealed religions) that shared elements in common with the teachings of the Illuminati.
The Illuminati have never had a large number of members for the simple reason that secrets do not remain secrets if too many people have access to them. It is because the Illuminati have adopted a leadership role behind the scenes rather than taken the field as a mass movement that they have been described as “puppetmasters”.
Below is a list of the groups and movements that were either led by the Illuminati, connected to the Illuminati, or influenced by the Illuminati. It is a history of resistance to the rich elites. In the same way that the establishment is essentially a coherent whole, duplicated across nations and time, so is the resistance to it. By no means is all resistance associated with the Illuminati, but resistance of a certain type, with the sorts of characteristics described above, invariably is. It is the world’s most fascinating secret history.

The Order of Solomon – Solomon, the famous Biblical King of Israel, is sometimes referred to as a Grand Master of the Illuminati even though he lived centuries before the first official Grand Master, Pythagoras. He was given this title retrospectively to honour his importance to the Illuminati. In Solomon’s time, the Illuminati were wandering holy men, mystics and philosophers. One of these travelled to the kingdom of Israel, was introduced to Solomon, and succeeded in enlightening him. (Solomon, renowned for his wisdom, was quick to see the truth of what he was being told.) Solomon created a secret group that came to be called the Order of Solomon, the task of which was to a) to work to end the Hebrews’ worship of Jehovah, and b) something much more remarkable – to actually kill Jehovah. (This forms the background of the book The Armageddon Conspiracy.) The Order of Solomon disintegrated after Solomon’s death, though it was reborn much later in the form of the Order of Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon – the famous Knights Templar whose earliest years were dedicated to excavating the foundations of Solomon’s Temple to rediscover ancient treasures and secrets.

Druidism – a Celtic version of Gnosticism. (Just as there were Celtic and Roman versions of Christianity, with the Roman emerging on top, there were also Celtic and Greek versions of Gnosticism. The Celtic version was virtually exterminated when the Romans slaughtered the Druids in Britain. Remnants of Druidism survived in Ireland but gradually succumbed to Christianity. (Druids met Pythagoras, the Illuminati’s first Grand Master, and adopted many of the teachings of the Illuminati. Merlin, in the legends of King Arthur, represents both Druidism and the “magical” power of a man who has direct and reliable contact with his higher self.)
Simon Magus was the greatest and most revered Grand Master of the Illuminati, for reasons that will not be disclosed. Early Christian Church Fathers regarded him as the most prominent and dangerous Gnostic, the arch heretic. There were many Gnostic sects, all of which were respected by the Illuminati, but there was considerable divergence between what each sect taught. The Gnostic sects that were closely linked to the Illuminati were the Carpocratians (mentioned in Prohibition A), Cainites, the Ophites and the Johannites (see The Armageddon Conspiracy).

Mithraism – a Gnostic mystery religion led by the Illuminati. The Illuminati attempted to introduce a religion that would appeal to the Roman Army and thereby allow them to secure military control of the Roman Empire. Many Roman soldiers became Mithraists, but the secrecy inherent in Mithraism eventually counted against it. For obvious reasons, mystery religions cannot go public on any significant scale and that prevents them from becoming mass movements. Christianity entered the public sphere and became far more popular and powerful than Mithraism. It stole many Mithraic elements and gradually neutralised the threat of Mithraism.

Manichaeism – Mani was a member of the Illuminati tasked with creating a Gnostic religion open to all (rather than to approved initiates only, as in Mithraism), which would directly rival Christianity. It was called the Religion of Light. The idea was that the best Manicheans would then be introduced to the Illuminati’s higher mystery religion – Illumination. Manichaeism was highly successful for a time, but was ultimately defeated by the world’s main religions. Mani himself suffered a horrific death. For 26 days he was kept in prison in heavy chains, then he was flayed alive and his skin, stuffed with straw, was nailed to a cross and suspended over the main gate of the great city of Jundishapur as a terrifying spectacle for those who followed his teachings. His dead body was decapitated and the head placed on a spike.

Hermeticism – a school of thought not established by the Illuminati but which addressed many similar interests and helped to keep alive esoteric thinking in a time when the Illuminati came close to extinction during the collapse of the Roman Empire and the coming of the Dark Ages. Hermeticism has always been greatly respected by the Illuminati. The central difference between Hermeticism and Gnosticism is that Hermeticists do not say that the world is the creation of an evil Demiurge and that humanity is under his malign power. Rather, they claim that humanity is separated from God by a kind of laziness, apathy, stupor, ignorance, lust, and enslavement to bodily concerns instead of those of the spirit. If only humanity could wake up and free itself of sensual pleasures and distractions, of a materialistic mind-set, it could commune directly with God.

Gnosticism and Hermeticism both concern the quest to discover the higher self, the divine spark, the means for man to become God. To that extent, the Illuminati are supportive of the agenda of Hermeticism. Those people who do not find themselves convinced that earth is in thrall to a malignant force can still find their way to many of the truths of Illumination via Hermeticism. Illumination and Hermeticism are two roads to salvation. The Illuminati have always taught that those who follow the Hermetic path will, one day, as they discover higher truth and insights, reach the same path as the Illuminati.

The essential difference between Hermeticism and Illumination on one side, and religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam on the other is that whereas followers of the latter are alienated from God and regard him as external, distant and infinitely far above their level, the former see him as internal, close and, when enlightenment is attained, identical with them. Buddhists and Hindus, meanwhile, think that when they reach enlightenment, they will become absorbed in the divine essence, the great and eternal Oneness. In other words, Christians, Jews and Muslims view themselves as always separate from God, Buddhists and Hindus as becoming one with God/Nature (but with their own individuality completely extinguished), and Hermeticists and the Illuminati as becoming God, but with their individuality retained.

This is a difficult concept for most people to grasp. The best modern analogy is that of a hologram. Physicist David Bohm said of the hologram, “…one in effect sees the whole of the original structure, in three dimensions, and from a range of possible points of view (as if one were looking at it through a window). If we then illuminate only a small region [of the hologram], we still see the whole structure, but in somewhat less sharply defined detail and from a decreased range of possible points of view (as if we were looking through a smaller window). It is clear, then, that there is no one-to-one correspondence between parts of an ‘illuminated object’ and parts of a [holographic IMAGE of this object]. Rather, the interference pattern in each region [of the hologram] is relevant to the whole structure, and each region of the structure is relevant to the whole of the interference pattern [of the hologram].” Do you see the holographic analogy to God and the divine sparks that reside in humanity? Each spark is individual yet contains the whole (God), but “as if one were looking through a smaller window”. Moreover, the whole (God) relies on each individual part. So, which path will you choose? Do you want to stand always in God’s infinite shadow as the Christians, Jews and Muslims do, or become absorbed by him so that you as an individual no longer exist, as the Buddhists and Hindus advocate, or do you want to attain divinity while retaining your individual identity? The answer should be obvious to any thinking person.

An example of a group led by a renegade Illuminist was the Euchites (Messalians) who looked back to the early years of the Illuminati. The Illuminati started out as wandering holy men, mystics and philosophers before becoming a settled organisation. The Euchites went back to basics and again became nomadic holy men living by begging. They taught that they had communed with their divine selves and were therefore incapable of sin: everything they did was good and justified. This often led to anarchic excess, particularly of a sexual nature. This represented a corruption of the Illuminati’s controversial teaching of “Sin for Salvation” which we shall address in a later section. “Sin for Salvation” requires high levels of control and self-discipline and must always be harnessed to strict ascetism. Sinning for sinning’s sake is self-indulgent, counter-productive and leads to no genuine contact with the higher self. But “sin” when used as a deliberate attack on the teachings of false religions can be an instrument of transcendent liberation. Much of the rhetoric of sin has nothing to do with good and evil and is all about control; about mass brainwashing to promote the agenda of the controllers. Nothing is more important than ridding humanity of such “sins” – the sins defined by the Old World Order, which are no sins at all.
The Cathars – Gnostics who posed a serious religious challenge to the Catholic Church in the south of France in the Middle Ages. (The precursors of the Cathars were groups such as the Paulicians, the Athingani, and the Bogomils.) The Cathars were also associated with a strong literary tradition in the shape of the Goliards and Troubadours: this was the beginning of the Illuminati’s attempt to use stories, poetry, art, painting and sculpture to communicate concealed heresies to the wider world, to smuggle them past the Catholic authorities, and to pass on coded messages. The Cathars regarded the established Church as the “synagogue of Satan”, and the altar as the mouth of hell. The Vatican launched a crusade against them and they were virtually wiped out.

The Knights Templar – supposedly orthodox Catholic military monks who were in fact Gnostics seeking to retrieve unique treasures from the ruins of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, and to erode Catholicism from a privileged insider position. The Vatican eventually realised the danger and suppressed the Templar Order. The last Grand Master was burned at the stake.
The Capuciati – a precursor of the Jacobin Clubs of revolutionary France. At the end of the 12th Century, the Capuciati rose up against the nobility and tried to implement a society based on freedom and equality. They were brutally suppressed.
The Alchemists – Gnostic thinkers who attempted to combine science and spiritualism; to find a quasi-scientific path to spiritual enlightenment. (Some alchemists were “metaphorical” scientists i.e. they were using the language of proto-chemistry to describe a process of spiritual refinement and elevation; they weren’t seriously engaged in scientific experiments.) Alchemy was conducted in such secrecy that it managed to avoid formal condemnation and persecution by the Vatican. Alchemists rarely ventured into the open, and only did so if they had secured the protection of a powerful prince. Freemasonry was born from a combination of the alchemists and the remnants of the Knights Templar.

The Heresy of the Free Spirit was a movement that flourished in medieval Europe and was based on the idea that the practitioners had reached a state of perfection that moved them beyond sin (like the Euchites). They repudiated social and moral norms and were often highly promiscuous. However, this promiscuity was more like the “free love” of the 1960s. It was frequently accompanied by drug use, was intended to spread love and community, and, above all, was aimed at being a conduit to a higher plane, to spiritual emancipation and communion with the higher self.

For Gnostics and Christians, the concept of “Holy Spirit” held a very different meaning. To Christians, the Holy Spirit was the third person of the Holy Trinity, and, in Catholic theology, acted through the Church and the holy sacraments. Catholics had no access to the Holy Spirit other than through the sacraments. For Protestants, the individual could interact with the Holy Spirit directly, without the need of the Church or any sacraments. For Gnostics, the Holy Spirit was actually a coded reference to the higher self, the divine spark. By using that term, they could masquerade as Christians and thus avoid accusations of heresy, whilst actually spreading Gnostic teachings. If they succeeded in linking to their higher self, they would be filled with spiritual, mystical understanding – gnosis itself – that would reveal the true nature of existence. Acting through their higher self, part of the divine order, they would no longer be capable of sinning. They would be truly free of the constraints and travails of the world. For this reason, they were called Eleutherians – from the Greek word for “free”. (Some groups were more free than others; some became completely anarchic and self-indulgent while others retained a strong and clear spiritual purpose. It was not freedom itself that was the crucial issue but how that freedom was exercised; irresponsibly or with clear focus.)

Joachim of Fiori (a Grand Master of the Illuminati) and Amaury of Bene (a senior Illuminist) were responsible for the revolutionary idea that the world is divided into three ages – that of God the Father (Jehovah/Judaism), God the Son (Jesus Christ/Christianity), and God the Holy Spirit (which for Joachim and Amaury meant Abraxas/Gnosticism).

The Dulcinites, under the leadership of Fra Dolcino, were a Joachimite movement with close connections to Catharism. They advocated egalitarianism and soon attracted the hostility of the Church and nobility. They were exterminated in 1307, the same year that the Templars were arrested and suppressed.

The Brethren of the Free Spirit, the Homines Intelligentiae, the Adamites, the Amalricans, the Beghards/Beguines, the Picards, the Turlupins, the Ranters and the Perfectionists were all groups of a similar type, inspired by the antinomian ideas of Joachim of Fiori and Amaury of Bene, and dedicated to absolute freedom. Because they did not perceive themselves as bound by the conventions of society, they often acted, in secret and sometimes openly, in ways that scandalised public opinion. Inevitably, they attracted the hostility of the Church and most of them were savagely persecuted.

Hieronymus Bosch was a member of the Adamite sect and his paintings are full of coded references to the teachings of the Adamites. William Blake’s paintings and writings are also full of Gnostic symbolism, and coded messages. (An important painting of Blake’s is highlighted in The Millionaires’ Death Club.)

The Hesychasts – an offshoot of the Illuminati that appeared in Macedonia in the Byzantine Empire in the 14th Century. Their activities were centred on the monastic community at Mount Athos (“Holy Mountain”). The Hesychasts were mystics who endeavoured to see a vision of the light of the True God. They regarded this contemplation as the highest goal of humanity, taking them as close as possible to the divine order, bringing them into the company of the divine spark, their higher self. In this way they could become united with God. This experience could be described as “unio mystica” (mystical union), the ecstatic feeling of being one with God.
In order to disguise their practices as falling within orthodox Christianity, the Hesychasts said that the light they were seeking was that of Jesus Christ’s Transfiguration on Mount Tabor where “man” and “God” visibly became one and Christ shone with the mystical light of God. After a long debate, Hesychasm was accepted as non-heretical by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but was rejected, peacefully, by the Roman Catholic Church. A similar idea, originating in Spain with the Alumbrados, met with a very different fate.

The Alumbrados (also known as Aluminados) – the Spanish chapter of the Illuminati in the 15th and 16th centuries. Ignatius of Loyola was a senior member of the Alumbrados, assigned the task of infiltrating the Catholic Church with a new group modelled on a non-military version of the Knights Templar. The group he founded was the Jesuit Order.
The Alumbrados recruited a number of “Conversos” – Jews who had been forced by the Spanish authorities to convert to Christianity if they wanted to remain in the country or even simply to stay alive. Many of these were well versed in the teachings of the Kabbalah. “Moriscos” (forced Moorish converts) were also recruited. The Illuminati have always been happy to take new members from different traditions, provided those people are not wedded to the mainstream “religions”. The Conversos and Moriscos were usually those who were already uncomfortable with their original religions, though they had no fondness for Christianity, simply converting for convenience rather than through any conviction.
Like the Hesychasts, the Alumbrados sought to achieve a state of perfection that would allow them to experience a vision of God; a direct transcendental encounter with the divine. At that point, when they had received the “light”, they would be able to communicate directly with their higher self.
The Alumbrados were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, and departed from Spain. Many went to neighbouring France where they were known as the Illuminés (and sometimes as Guerinists after their local leader Pierre Guerin). The authorities suppressed them in 1635. A new grouping appeared in the 18th century, came under renewed persecution, and fled to England where they became known as ‘French Prophets’. Their writings influenced Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Another chapter of French Illuminati was established by Martines de Pasqually who had Spanish Conversos ancestry and great knowledge of the Kabbalah’s teachings. This group later became popularly known as Martinists after their new leader, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin.

Another group linked to the Illuminati in this period was the Franco-Italian Carbonari. Some people claim the Carbonari was founded in the 19th Century in Italy, but in fact its origins lay in the 16th century in France.
The Jesuit order (The Society of Jesus) was established by the Illuminati as another attempt (following the Templars) to infiltrate Catholicism and seize power from within. Like the Knights Templar, they were known as “Soldiers of Christ”, though they were not a military order.
The Rosicrucians – a secret order that provided the first significant public glimpse of Freemasonry. They published several enigmatic and inspirational manifestos in heavily coded language. They did not emerge into the open and thereby avoided persecution and destruction.

As for the Rosicross philosophers,
Whom you will have to be sorcerers,
What they pretend to is no more
Than Trismegistus did before,
Pythagoras, old Zoroaster,
And Apollonius their master.
(Samuel Butler)

(The Rosicrucian Order gradually became detached from the Illuminati and fell under the influence of others. It CONTINUES to this day – see Note that although the Rosicrucians are no longer connected with the Illuminati, many of the Illuminati’s original teachings are still evident in modern Rosicrucian thinking. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek was a member of AMORC. Star Trek represents a very powerful IMAGE of what our society would look like if we could rid ourselves of the Old World Order. Star Trek promotes a meritocratic, noble, honest, truthful, unselfish, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous vision of humanity, free of greed and religious dogmatism. Who is preventing us from realising this futuristic paradise? – the Old World Order.)

Freemasonry – a product of enlightenment thinking, designed to overthrow the prevailing tyrannies of monarchy and Christianity. Gradually it was infiltrated by the establishment and became totally corrupt. It is now a mainstay of the Old World Order. Freemasonry is the Illuminati’s most profound regret and greatest disaster.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and passionate republican, was a Freemason and America’s leading member of the Illuminati. He famously said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” That sentiment was highly characteristic of Illuminati thinking of that time.
America was always intended to be the great beacon of hope for the world, the Illuminati’s model for how to overthrow nobles, kings, emperors and religious dogmatism; how to govern justly in the interests of all. Everything started well. Jefferson was involved with all aspects of the development of the nation, but after he left office, his power, and that of the Illuminati, waned and the Old World Order eagerly set about securing their greatest triumph. Slowly but surely they assumed complete control of America. They didn’t create nobles, princes and kings, but instead powerful, dynastic families that had as much influence as the aristocrats of Europe, and even greater riches. They turned democracy into a farce. It became merely a vehicle to ensure their continued power. That’s why the Bush’s, father and son – two OWO fools of the highest order – both reached the White House.

The fact that the Illuminati once had the world’s current hyper-power within its grasp reveals how powerful they once were, but equally reveals the brilliance of the Old World Order in reasserting its power and vanquishing its enemies. The Old World Order know that by relentlessly appealing to the basest instincts of ordinary people they will always triumph. The challenge for the Illuminati – an almost impossible one as it has transpired – is to win by cultivating humanity’s nobler aspects and higher aspirations.

The Jacobin Clubs – the most radical political groups of revolutionary France, led by the Illuminati. They initially enjoyed great success, but imploded under the strain of being forced to wage war against all of the great powers of Europe that wished to stamp out the Revolution. The Jacobin leaders were guillotined.

In Tsarist Russia in the twentieth century, the Illuminati chose to help the Bolsheviks to overthrow the corrupt Tsarist regime. Although the Illuminati opposed communism, they saw it as the lesser of the two evils when compared with rule by tyrants and autocrats. Unfortunately, communism itself soon became a tyranny under Stalin.


The Illuminati had no connection with the medieval German Holy Vehm vigilante secret society, contrary to what some conspiracy theorists claim. Anyone with even a superficial grasp of the Holy Vehm would know they would eagerly have hunted and executed members of the Illuminati.

Others have claimed that there was a link between the Illuminati and the Order of Assassins founded by Hasan bin Sabbah. The Assassins and the Illuminati had no formal connections, but they did respect each other. The Knights Templar encountered the Assassins in the 12th century and were intrigued by them, and wondered if assassination could be deployed as a legitimate weapon against the tyranny of the Old World Order. It’s also true that the Templars admired the enigmatic, coded motto of the Assassins: “Nothing is true – everything is permitted.” Only people of the right calibre can understand such a slogan. Stupid people will take it at face value and regard it as some sort of anarchic and nihilistic statement. It is anything but.

The Roshinaya/Rawshaniyya, a secret society in Afghanistan in the 16th century, was also said to be associated with the Illuminati. Again, this is false. The Roshinaya was related to the Assassins not to the Illuminati. The Roshinaya also had its roots in the Nuqtawiyya of Persia, a sect that appeared in the fifteenth century and taught mysticism and reincarnation. (Again, the Illuminati had respect for these groups, but no ties, although it would be fair to say that these sects were also Gnostic in their outlook.) All three sects were attacked, persecuted and largely destroyed.
The Illuminati’s relationship with Buddhism and Hinduism is a subject that will be treated separately. As for the Illuminati’s relationship with Jesus Christ, this will also be dealt with separately. Many Gnostic sects regarded themselves as “Christian” (but their view of Christ was very different from that of orthodox Christianity), but the Illuminati have never been in any sense Christian.

Although Christianity is regarded as a revealed religion, it is certainly possible to treat it as a Gnostic mystery religion. Many of the cryptic remarks in the gospels are highly characteristic of the vocabulary and symbolism of Gnosticism. In such a version of Christianity, Christ becomes an exemplar of the Gnostic path to salvation. Born fully human, Jesus follows the precise path laid down by Gnostic teachings, and attains full union with his divine spark. At that point he has two fully expressed natures – human and divine – in one human person. He is both the “Son of God” (as all divine sparks can be described), and God himself. He is perfect and cannot commit sin. The Resurrection is actually Christ’s final release from the cycle of reincarnation because he has reached the culmination of gnosis. Whereas Christian orthodoxy teaches that Jesus Christ was a unique incarnation of God on earth, Gnostic Christianity says that he was simply an example of what anyone is capable of achieving. Everyone can attain gnosis. Everyone can be a Christ. The miraculous “incarnation” can be repeated in each and every person. The world can be full of living gods. The Christian establishment regards such a notion as the uttermost heresy but in fact it is not contradicted by anything that is actually said in the gospels by Jesus Christ himself.


The Illuminati in the present day have much less influence than of old because of several trends: the rise of consumerism, the general turning away from spirituality and towards materialism by much of humanity, the relentless advance of “junk” entertainment, the widespread delusion that people have genuine freedom and choice, the success of “democracy” in persuading ordinary people that they have a degree of political power and can change their leaders, the ease and comfort provided by technology, the omnipresence of sport, music, movies and TV that keep people endlessly distracted, the media brainwashing machine, the effectiveness of the cynical advertising machine, and the complete dominance of celebrity culture and the super-rich.

It is hard in the age of secularism and science for people to accept that a malignant, spiritual force is at work in the world. Many people think the world is a vile place but they attribute that to human failings and perceive no malevolent conspiracy beyond the purely human. Many of the great movements of the past simply could not exist in the present day. The mentality no longer exists. The Old World Order have trivialised humanity and stripped away its ability to resist. The OWO’s power has never been greater than at the present time. It will take a gargantuan effort to overthrow them.

The Illuminati plan to introduce a new organisation, not unlike some of those mentioned above, that anyone can join, and that will become the heart of the new resistance to the Old World Order. Further details will be forthcoming later. Everyone will have the chance to PARTICIPATE.

But no one should misunderstand the message of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is nothing like the Catholic Church, Judaism or Islam. It does not flaunt a “holy” text like the Bible, the Torah or the Koran in your face and demand that you slavishly worship every word. The Illuminati do not claim that they can “save” you. It is never for others to save you. Jesus Christ certainly can’t save you, no matter what the Protestant Evangelicals tell you. You can only save yourself. The Illuminati act as guides, nothing else. They can’t walk in your shoes. No one can achieve gnosis on your behalf.

We receive many messages from people, but many of them fail to get the central point. Don’t look to others for the answers to your life – only slaves do that – look to yourself. All of the answers are contained within you. You simply have to find the key to unlock them. “Simply”? In truth, it’s the most difficult task of all, but how could it be any other? How could the process of becoming God be anything other than the greatest challenge conceivable? Do you have the strength, imagination, guts and knowledge for the ultimate quest? You don’t need the Illuminati. You already have everything you need – yourself.
Those who have what it takes may well find their way to the Illuminati, but never forget that you don’t need anyone else. The most liberating idea of all is that everyone already contains all of the answers, if they could but see the light. Don’t you think that is exactly as it should be? You don’t need to look outwards, to the world around you, to find the meaning of life: you will find all you need when you turn your gaze inwards. The answer was always contained in the ancient wisdom: “As above, so below.” The macrocosm and the microcosm are one and the same for those with the vision to see.

The Soul Camera? Alex Collier and the AC Website

I ran across the link below to the extensive interviews of Alex Collier and his “communications” or channelings regarding the Pleadians, Andromedans etc.  What surprised me was the details below in how similar they sound to the AC website under The Future.  There are a listing of encoded books of which all have been released except for The Soul Camera.  Now, their soul camera may be something completely different but I thought the similarities were enough to note.  Please provide opinions below.  If you’re not familiar with the AC website and it’s contents then I suggest reading enough to become familiar.  This is the only way to properly evaluate their stance.

–Citizen Pariah

Alex : Okay so if every single one of us had cognitive memory of you know, our progression of lifetimes we would come to understand that we truly do choose our parents for the purpose of the experience that we need to, that we choose to have.

Now how do we as a soul, a spirit come into third density to experience physical reality, we have to create the space so what we do is we attach to a body, to an embryo and as it grows and it matures in the mothers body it is here, but it isn’t here yet. It isn’t actually the birthing processing where now that physical now has its own space on- in third density. You understand?

Patte : Yes I understand

Alex : Okay, so when a person has a near death experience they leave their body, they’re considered dead, for a time, whether its 10 seconds, 30 seconds a few second, they go to some place, and they have an experience. Now its a real experience okay, but there no longer in physical body, they are now some place else, that is just as real to them, even though it is not as dense as physical.

Now when they come back to their body and they relate what experience they had some people are like, you know, how can that be? where did you go, you know, how can that exist?. It exists because the universe, what we know as our universe is a series of layers of frequencies and vibration and within that hologram contains a level of frequencies of harmonics that we exist on, and that can only be if it was a holograph.

Patte : Okay

Alex : For example, the Andromedans have a camera, which they use extensively and its a holographic camera. Now Patte they can take a picture of you, right now this moment, and depending on the setting of this camera, it can be set for, 10 years in our linear time, 20 years in our linear time, or it can even go back to moment of conception, of your mum and your dad. Now this one picture contains, if they took a picture of you now it would contain your entire life from now back to conception.

And then what they do is they take it apart and they look at specific times in your life and its like a video but its actually a picture, its like a snapshot, but there able to take it apart and look at various times in your life of who you were, what your experiencing, everything about you okay, and its a holographic camera, literally. They’ve taken lots of these kinds of pictures of our planet and the reason they say they can do this is because it is a holograph, it is a true account of who you are. Now we are so stuck in linear time that it is very difficult of people to conceive the concept that everything is a holograph.

I mean you say holograph to most they’ll say ‘you know, holo what?’ they won’t even know what your talking about, the soul, your soul, my soul, everybody’s soul is literally multidimensional, it is a holograph, because what your experiencing now here in the present your not consciously aware of other experiences your soul is having on other levels because we have separated ourselves from the concept of a holograph into linear thinking, that this is it, this is where I am now, and that’s all there is to it, there’s nothing else that exists, and we’ve limited our self tremendously, and we wonder why we’re only using you know 12 to 15 percent of our brain you know.

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