Pseudo Reality

There is but one cause, one reason for the endless strife, never-ending wars, religious turmoil and troubles, the historic battles between the religionists and the monarchies, the royalty and the people, the religionists and the bankers, the bankers and the royals and today, the bankers and the people.

The sole reason, the singular cause is the “divine right” to create money. It is truly that simple, although it exists as an abstraction difficult for most of us to grasp since we’ve been indoctrinated from birth to think and believe otherwise, to be confused and bewildered beyond belief!

This isn’t unique to America, but exists across many societies and many cultures.

That group which has seized that divine right of money creation: historically the kings, sultans and monarchs, the religious rulers, etc., and today the private bankers, enjoy special and endless wealth and power, for they declare themselves the recipients of free wealth from the rest of us!

They create the money or currency from nothing, by fiat as it were, and then receive wealth in the form of interest paid on that miraculously created money.

To increase their wealth, there must be ever greater debt created, for with more debt comes ever more interest payments — hence the growth of empires!

These empires grow until overextended, of course, since phantom wealth creation — and extraction (bleeding the masses dry) — is their goal, and with overextending comes the predictable collapse of those empires, and all empires eventually collapse.

These obvious truths must forever be obscured and hidden: our so-called news cycles are filled with the same mindless and nonsensical drivel of constantly repeated memes: Mayan end of the world, and news on entertainment — gun control after the most recent mass murder, and news on entertainment — this fiscal cliff and that fiscal cliff, and news on entertainment.

There is no fiscal cliff, of course, just as there is a derivatives canyon — the money lenders, or more accurately the money masters, have packaged that debt and sold it, then repackaged the debt from that and sold it, then repackaged the debt from that and resold it . . . . . (And that’s why we are experiencing the Great Deleveraging: the central banks have been buying up those worthless derivatives — their own banks created — further enriching the uber-rich while further starving the rest of us.)

Aren’t you the least bit suspicious when the spokesperson for the US State Department under a supposedly democratic administration, Victoria Nuland, is the wife of one of the founders of that most ultra-conservative of former rightwing groups, PNAC — or the Project for a New American Century (Dick Cheney & Company)?

And that the supposedly democratic president, Barack Obama, has professed admiration for her husband’s writing?

If you aren’t the least bit interested or suspicious or wary, it simply indicates how well you’ve been indoctrinated.

It’s all staged, to keep us confused and bewildered!

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