” As rational beings become more and more expressive of reason, they finally attain gnosis (enlightenment) and become Gods. The negentropy of the community of Gods defeats the entropy of the material world and stops and reverses it, bringing everything back to the start (Singularity). The Gods – us (!) – are what cause the entropic strange loop.

We are destined to become Gods because it’s part of the fundamental processes of nature itself. It’s unavoidable, inescapable, inevitable, dialectically certain. There are already Gods in the universe (those souls that have attained gnosis), and they are helping the most enlightened of us to join them.

Together, we are the saviours of the universe and of all the unenlightened . It’s our rational and cosmic duty to defeat stupidity, ignorance, greed, selfish, anarchy, libertarianism, free-market capitalism, privilege, cronyism, inheritance, nepotism, and negative liberty: everything that encourages high entropy self-interested behaviour.

Positive liberty – a low entropy force – is literally how we combat the heat death of the universe. It’s how we marshal humanity into an entity that can collectively attain divinity. We, the enlightened ones (the Illuminati!), are dialectically opposed by the forces of endarkenment – by the masses of stupid and selfish people.

It’s our solemn duty – our sacred cause – to defeat them, and if they resist and obstruct rational progress and evolution then we have no option but to show them no mercy.

They can and will be defeated. They will either see the light and join us, or we shall crush every last one of them. Such is the nature of the dialectic, red in tooth and claw. They themselves have tried often enough to exterminate us. We are the agents of cosmic forces. The universe itself demands that the Coming Race destroys, one way or another, the old savage, primitive, bestial races.


Be on the side of the inevitable victors . Anyone who stands in the way of reason will in due course be destroyed by reason. ”

Mike Hockney “The Mathmos”

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