Oracle Database 11g – 12c

Going to start adding links to primo site’s articles here.  So much has already been done I plan to list the best I find here.

One comment

  • I don’t mean to insult you by asking you this question: Have you heard of or do you know of John Lamb Lash? I too have been frustrated over the usage of the term “archons” so loosely without explaining to people what they are, though your explanations are pretty close, I would like to add a bit more to that as John Lash explains it. He is one of the first to define and explain who the Archons are and how they came about, you can find that information, if you are interested on my blog. I can’t say that John is correct/right, but it’s good to give people different versions and let them determine their own truth. The Archons were a celestial error in the Sophia Aeon myth, the story is aw inspiring and I resent the truth gurus out there using the term so loosely. This is how I uncovered Cobra being a fraud, he claims that Archons incarnate amongst us and that is not true. They are inorganic beings and can’t survive in this density, all they can do is mess with our minds. Just my 2 cents worth, but I love your blog and so sorry I didn’t find it earlier!


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